The facts behind the labels:

Free Range Grass Fed meat

We think there are 5 great reasons why you should eat our beef:

Our company is enthusiastic about all 5 and handle our farm properly. Hopefully that you will join our neighborhood of people who care by eating our meat and getting to learn us.

It Preferences Great

A number of our consumers agree totally that our meat tastes wonderful - it has actually an excellent, unique flavor. Whenever beef is completed in a feedlot it really is finished as quickly as possible on a ration, generally of corn and/or grains. This lends to bland, fatty beef. The standard hamburger is some ground meat awaiting condiments. A regular steak is oftentimes a bit of beef crying aside for steak sauce. By spending much longer, finishing our animals totally on grass, and dried out the aging process all of our cuts, we create beef with real taste. Different cuts have actually their particular different, distinctive tastes, and differing cooking techniques really can deliver those tastes away. For example, our roasts when slow prepared with a small amount of seasonings are simply delicious.

It is Better available

Humans evolved consuming grass fed animals, which is the type of meat this is certainly healthiest for our bodies. Some of the advantages of grass fed versus corn fed beef which have been identified include:

  • It really is slimmer - about 1/3 the fat
  • It is higher in conjugated linoleic acid - 3-5 times as much
  • It is higher in omega 3 fatty acids - 2-6 times just as much
  • It really is higher in vitamin e antioxidant - 2-4 times just as much
  • It really is greater in beta-carotene

This might be just the a number of vitamins which were identified to date. Whenever cattle are "finished" on corn or whole grain the beef modifications dramatically. The proportion of omega-6 fatty acids to omega-3 essential fatty acids goes from about 1:1 to higher than 10:1, and quantities of various other advantageous vitamins drop significantly. This change does occur very quickly, becoming full within 1 month on grain. This is the reason when purchasing grass-fed beef you ought to ask for 100% grass fed. To learn more about medical advantages of grass-fed meat, visit and

It is advisable the World

Finishing creatures in a feedlot is a fossil gasoline intensive, unsustainable design for farming. Creatures are trucked everywhere, concentrated in really small places, which causes serious, localized pollution dilemmas, and provided grains that were raised in huge monocultures which are heavily subsidized by the United States government and make use of large amounts of fossil fuels for tractors, fertilizer, insecticides, and pesticides. That is real of every animal finished in a feedlot, regardless if it's normal meat. Most organic meat is finished the same way, but provided natural corn or grain. The average meals on an American plate is believed to possess traveled 1500 miles. We cannot carry on indefinitely investing huge amounts of energy to create meals.

Not only does consuming neighborhood grass fed beef considerably lessen the fossil gasoline inputs, under proper administration the cattle in addition increase the environment. In many of the arid and semi-arid parts of the world, the productive grasslands co-evolved with large herds of grazing herbivores. Whenever those pets tend to be taken off the land the end result is a dramatic loss of biodiversity and desertification. To be able to enhance our land inside western united states of america, and much for the rest of the globe, we absolutely need many cattle becoming grazed and managed precisely. For more information on this idea visit

It is Better the Animals

Our animals invest their entire resides in pasture from the range. They are not restricted to feedlots, crowded in along with other animals, and limited as to once they can consume. They truly are never fed routine antibiotics, though these are typically vaccinated and addressed if they become ill. We attempt constantly to reduce the worries regarding pets for the reason that it is in their finest interest as well as in ours. For more information on factory farming visit or

It is best for the Local Community

Over 80percent of meat industry in the United States is controlled by a small number of large organizations. A small percentage of the buck you may spend in the supermarket visits the farmer or rancher who lifted the pet. The majority of the income goes to the feedlots, center males, and enormous processors. This money makes our community. Once you buy meals from an area producer, those bucks stay in the neighborhood community – within our situation in San Benito County, that is only south of the Bay Area. Those dollars assist outlying communities stay viable, and allow us maintain open space and ranching near to cities where there's tremendous development pressure.

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