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Food processing Company in Texas

The 2008 top 100 food and drink handling organizations into the U.S. and Canada tend to be profiled inside annual function. Discover company email address, significant companies, crucial executives and primary product places.

1. Tyson Foods Inc.
2210 W. Oaklawn Drive, Springdale, AR
Mobile: 479-290-4000; Fax: 479-290-4061; internet site: www.tyson.com

Professionals: Chairman: John Tyson; Pres./CEO: Richard Bond; SVP-Intl. Ops.: Mike Baker; SVP-Commodity Trading & Risk Managemyselfnt: Jean Mrha Beach; Group VP-Research & Development, Logistics & Tech Services: Hal Carper; SVP & CIO: Gary Cooper; Group VP & International Pres.: Rick Greubel Jr.; SVP, Controller & CAO: Craig Hart; VP, Assoc. General Counsel & Secretary: R. browse Hudson; Group VP-Ops: Donnie King; SVP-Human sources: Ken Kimbro; EVP & CFO: Dennis Leatherby; Group VP-Food provider: Bernard Leonard; Sr. Group VP-Fresh meat: James Lochner; SVP-External Relations: Archie Shaffer IIwe; Group VP-Consumer Prods: Donnie Smith; EVP & General Counsel: David Van Bebber; SVP-Renewable items: Jeff Webster; VP-Investor Relations & Asst. Secretary: Ruth Ann Wisener

Subsidiaries, Divisions: Chicken, Beef, Pork, Made Ingredients, Other
Brands: Any'tizers, Bonici, Cavanaugh, Chairman’s Reserve, Cobb, Colonial, Corn King, Delightful Farms, Deli Slices, Doskocil, Golden Trophy, Hot Wings, IBP, Jefferson Meats, Joseph Copperfield's & Sons, Lady Aster, Mexican First, Mr. Nuccio, Our US Favorite, Pizza Topper, Pizzano, Reuben, Russer, Solo Helps, Celebrity Ranch Angus Beef, Celebrity Ranch Natural Angus Beef, TastyBird, Tenderpressed, Thorn Apple Valley, Trimmed & Ready, Tyson, Weaver, Wilson, Wilson Foodservice, Wright, Wunderbar

Major item Areas: Beef, chicken, poultry, frozen and prepared meals.

2. PepsiCo Inc.
700 Anderson Hill Path, Purchase, NY
Mobile: 914-253-2000; Fax: 914-253-2070; webpage: www.pepsico.com

Professionals: Chairman, CEO: Indra Nooyi; SVP & Chief Procurement Officer: Mitch Adamek; SVP & Worldwide Chief Information Officer/PBSG: Robert Dixon; CFO: Richard Goodman; Chief Scientific Officer: Mehmood Khan; SVP-Govt. Matters, General Counsel & Secretary: Larry Thompson; CEO- PepsiCo Americas Foods: John Compton; Pres/CEO- Frito-Lay United States: Albert Carey; Pres.-Quaker Ingredients and Snacks the united states : Mark Schiller; President-PepsiCo product sales: Tom Greco; CEO-PepsiCo Americas Beverages: Massimo d’Amore; Pres-Pepsi-Cola North America: Hugh Johnston; Pres-Gatorade: Todd Magazine; Pres-Latin America drinks: Luis Montoya; Pres-PepsiCo Foodservice: Chris Furman; Pres-Tropicana: Neil Campbell; CEO-PepsiCo International, Vice Chairman-PepsiCo: Michael White; Pres-PepsiCo Asia Pacific: Tim Minges; Pres-PepsiCo European countries: Zein Abdalla; Pres-PepsiCo SAMEA Region: Saad Abdul-Latif; Pres-PepsiCo UK: Salman Amin

Subsidiaries, Divisions: PepsiCo Americas Drinks, PepsiCo Overseas (incs. Previous Frito-Lay, Pepsi-Cola, Quaker Ingredients, Tropicana, Gatorade)

Brands: Aquafina, Aunt Jemima, Chee-tos, Diet Pepsi, Dole, Doritos, Frappuccino Coffee Drink, Flat World, Fritos, Funyuns, Gamesa, Gatorade, Grandma’s Cookies, Lay’s, Lipton Brisk, Lipton Iced Tea, Lites, Mirinda, Hill Dew, Mug, Near East, Nobby Nuts, O’Grady’s, Parkers, Pepsi, Pepsi Maximum, Pepsi One, Propel, Quaker, Rice-A-Roni, Rold Gold, Ruffles, Sierra Mist, Slice, Smartfoods, Smith’s, SoBe, South Seashore, Storm, SunChips, Tostitos, Tropicana, Tropicana Pure Premium, Tropicana Season’s Most Readily Useful, Walkers

Major item Areas: drinks, bakery, cereal, treats, miscellaneous

3. Kraft Ingredients Inc.
Three Lakes Drive, Northfield, IL 60093
Mobile: 847-646-2000; Fax: 847-646-6005; site: www.kraftfoods.com

Professionals: Chairman, CEO: Irene Rosenfeld; EVP-Operations & company solutions: David Brearton; EVP and CFO: Timothy McLevish; EVP-Corporate & Legal Affairs and General Counsel: Marc Firestone; EVP-Global Human Resources: Karen might; EVP & Pres.-Kraft Intl.: Sanjay Khosla; EVP & Pres.-North America: Richard Searer; EVP-Research, Developing & Quality: Jean Spence; EVP-Strategy: Michael Osanloo; EVP & CMO: Mary Beth West

Subsidiaries, Divisions: North America (segments: drinks, Cheese & Foodservice, Convenient dinners, Grocery, Snacks & grains), Overseas (eu, Developing areas)

Source: www.foodprocessing.com
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