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Phillip Morgan

649 Scott St.
Tye, Texas 79563
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5 star Rating Welcome

To Phil’s Beef Jerky, The best little Jerky plant in Tye Texas, after four years of trial and error I have come up with a few flavors of Beef Jerky that you will simply enjoy to eat. Yes we are a USDA inspected plant and follow the strict rules of the USDA Haccp plan to ensure our customers get the best and safest product that can be made. I use the best quality BEEF to give you the best jerky you can eat, instead of the standard run of the mill processed beef jerky that is chemically cooked and has little flavor and pieces that you can see thru.

With Phil’s Beef jerky you will see what you are paying for and the pieces that you are buying, big pieces of jerky that you can sink your teeth in and enjoy eating, Why settle for 5 or 6 little pieces of dried up meat that seems to turn to dust when you bite into it and a flavor that seems to stick to the top of your mouth that you are trying to wash down to get rid of.

"Phil’s Beef Jerky has a flavor that will jump out and slap your tongue with taste and make you say “WOW that is good stuff Maynard”.

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