Grass Fed Kobe beef

You’ve most likely heard about Kobe meat. It’s legendary for superior flavor, buttery texture, and perfect marbling. Kobe just isn't a breed, though. Wagyu could be the type, and Kobe beef originates from the Wagyu variety of cattle raised within the Kobe region of Japan. In the same way “Champagne” is only able to result from the Champagne area in France, Kobe can simply originate from Kobe, Japan.

Known as “American Kobe, ” Wagyu beef is renowned for similar exceptional taste qualities, tenderness, and marbling as conventional Japanese Kobe. In fact, Wagyu meat marbling can be so better than domestic US beef that a mix American/Japanese grading system can be used. USDA Prime (the highest-graded USDA quality for meat) ranges from 3+ to 4. Wagyu meat receives a 5 to 8 from the more strict Japanese scale. Moreover, Washington State University scientists, whom study the Wagyu breed, unearthed that Wagyu meat cuts tend to be marbled with monounsaturated fat—the healthy fat. American-grade beef is marbled mainly with saturated fat, which can be linked to heart disease. To see test results for fat profile that individuals have had carried out on our meat can be seen right here.

There are not many United states Wagyu farms when you look at the U.S. At Pasture Prime, our grass-fed Wagyu stands out when it comes to following reasons:

  • Wagyu Genetics: The majority of our herd comes from purebred Wagyu cattle. Many Wagyu available today is just 50percent Wagyu or less.
  • 100per cent Traceable: With the exception of our basis and reproduction stock, our grass-fed Wagyu are born and raised by our family on our sustainable farm.
  • 100% Grass-Fed Wagyu: Many U.S. farms increasing American Wagyu nonetheless feed their cattle a mixture of grass and grains. Our Wagyu cattle are given and completed on lawn. They truly are never ever fed corn or grains. Read about the benefits of grass-fed meat here.

So what does which means that for you? Whenever you buy Wagyu meat from our house farm, you’ll be certain that our grass-fed Wagyu are 100per cent traceable. Our Wagyu meat holds the constant meat attributes having made the breed popular, and you also won’t need to worry about the dangers related to cattle done in feedlots, also known as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs).

Our house raises the Wagyu cattle on our renewable farm in Florida. Our Wagyu herd has many pasture to graze in, and they mature in a low-stress environment. Our farm is a carefully handled sustainable procedure that benefits the environmental surroundings, instead of harming it.

We bought our Wagyu stock from Gerry Pittenger’s Blue Rock Cattle Company in Washington State. Gerry worked closely with Washington State University to produce and enhance the foundation of Wagyu cattle in the usa. When you buy grass-fed Wagyu from our Florida farm, realize we stay behind the quality-breeding of our animals. Our goal would be to improve the phenotypic and genotypic traits of our stock making sure that generations in the future is taking pleasure in our superb pasture-fed meat.

The gentle Wagyu type features a unique history that will be accountable for creating the best, most flavorful and tender animal meat available today in the usa. Within the 2nd century, Wagyu stumbled on Japan from Korean peninsula and South China. They certainly were utilized mainly as draft animals. With hefty workloads and limited feed they developed the capability to keep any extra power as intramuscular fat. This plays a role in the marbling and pain contained in the type these days. The creatures could actually rapidly draw with this fat if they were contacted for volatile energy in their “pulling” efforts. The additional advantage of this readily available energy source, was the Wagyu fat forms as a light and healthier monounsaturate.

In time, Wagyu had been valued due to their exceptional animal meat attributes, their relaxed nature and their efficient feed transformation. Only a few genetic lines were taken to the US in the 1980’s and 90’s. But Japan has since declared the cattle a national prize and contains ceased all exports.

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