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Excerpts from Focus mag Autumn 1986 amount 4 Number 4


Clint and Mildred Freeman launched their very first market in old Skellytown in 1936. Within close for the very first working day, July 25, the lone hog and beef which had hung into the cooler was in fact offered. Using a muffin tin and cigar box as a cash sign-up, the pair reimbursed the $6 in change they'd lent as running capital, taken care of the original buy, and replenished their supply.

Practically into day, fifty years later, grandsons Johnny and Joe Freeman were stepping into a fresh meat processing plant in White Deer. Their particular objective: Make the most readily useful Texas meat jerky around. Their brand new center is an ultra-modern procedure just west of the plant built by there grandad in 1945. Since Clint Freeman hung-up that very first pork and meat in a homemade cooler in old Skellytown, plenty of hours within the meat processing company have now been chalked up by three generations of Freemans.


The Freemans in the course of time relocated a store into brand new Skellytown, the building nonetheless stands regarding west side of principal Street.

Clint had arrive at the area together with his dad, "Dandy" Freeman, and worked on the Henry Schaffer Ranch. At 16 years, Clint spent the college months in Amarillo employed in a grocery shop together with his uncle. "Dandy" Freeman had taught him some about butchering, but the grocery company, with market included, appealed to Clint. He married Mildred Lee and moved to Skellytown with reassurance from Schaffer. They out of stock to Clyde Horner in 1942 and moved north of Skellytown to farm.

Having built up a successful business after the little start, the Freemans had bought out one grocer, accumulated trade and then offered. "i enjoy develop business, " says Clint today. "i enjoy build 'em then sell 'em." Top Tx beef jerky would quickly follow.


In 1945, with 2 yrs regarding the farm and a small slaughterhouse operation in procedure, Clint was persuaded by A.J. Dauer to go to White Deer. "i am maybe not placing any money within dead city, " he recalls telling the civic frontrunner. White Deer needed a slaughterhouse and food locker company, Dauer insisted.

"He tossed and switched forever that night, " Mildred says. "we told him he just may as well get-up-and-go on to White Deer and inform Mr. Dauer he would do it. We figured he was probably anyhow, " she chuckles.

He did and "Clint's Zero Locker" came to be. Clint did not hold on there, he renovated, fixed and improved the area, opening the grocery section dealing with principal Street in White Deer and included snappy grayscale paint and neon lights towards outside.

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