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Have you ever tasted some thing so delicious and amazing that you desired to tell the world? Does Japanese Beef obviously have most of the buzz individuals swear it does? Is NatesJerky really as good as men and women state it's?

Yes..Yes..and more Yes!

Akaushi Steak

At NatesJerky we are constantly attempting new a few ideas, new products, new tastes and this time around our R&D has had on this bold project to carry you this delightful, buttery and tender breed of Akaushi Beef (aka Kobe Red) with its many delicious jerky snack kind.

Kobe beef is referred to as a breed of Wagyu(Japanese Cow) that descends from the Kobe area of Japan. Akaushi(Red Cow) is amongst the four varieties of cattle that have been with this region of Japan. Akaushi is especially recognized for its intense marbling and delicious flavor. Our suppliers have secured us availability of beef because of this project and we also need your create it a reality!

For the four Japanese varieties of cattle, Akaushi is the one known with its indigenous Japan whilst the “Emperor’s Breed.” The faster marbling is a signature characteristic of Akaushi genetics, this means the livestock spot fat inside the muscle mass instead of the outside. Which means less waste. The Japanese Association of Akaushi has actually kept detail by detail information on every Akaushi going back nine years also.

Akaushi SteakThis is what our Vendor must state in regards to the benefits of this breed...

Akaushi Beef's extraordinary healthy benefits stem from two functions:

  • Higher concentration of monounsaturated fat in accordance with concentrated fat. The United states Heart Association notes this will lead to lower cholesterol levels, the prevention of cardiovascular condition and weightloss.
  • Normal supply of oleic acid, the mixture within coconut oil that USDA touts of the same quality for heart. Oleic acid is what offers this meat its special buttery flavor.

Spicy Sample LabelWe understand that various other campaigns have actually attempted comparable before and failed. They may not be united states and when it is possible to help us reach our objective, we could explain to you and also the World what's so unique relating to this meat, this Brand and our company!

Spicy Sample Label

Examples Drying

We trust ourselves and we also wish you are doing too. Anybody who is prepared to straight back this promotion will receive a free packaged sampler(0.3 oz), either minor or hot, while products final. We were holding produced from a test group at our certified Commercial cooking area in San Antonio, TX and can deliver completely ahead of the campaign ends up.

Test Batch Sample Batch

A Closer Look

Armando A. - Just wanted to drop a line to compliment the jerky. I just purchased a pack from Chicho Boys Fruit off S. Laredo and it's really great. I'll visit once again to get more for the spicy taste on my way residence.

Keep pace the great work!

Krista S. - Sweet!!! I cannot wait! I adore the spicy!

Kevin A. - Most Excellent :) Ty

Give L. - i'd like a few more bundles of each if possible!! Delicious!

Mason H. - Thanks for the jerky! We really liked it. Inform me when you're around with many I'll be pleased to buy more.

Risks and challenges

There clearly was virtually no danger included. We presently work a totally certified animal meat processing commercial home. We presently sell various types of Grass-Fed meat jerky to the public. The excess costs associated with this more costly beef is what this campaign is approximately and with the assistance of backers, we can make this a real possibility.

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