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Recipes with Hot banana Peppers

Banana Peppers ready to be selected and maintainedOver the past few weeks we have been focusing on just how to preserve, can and freeze our garden tomatoes. Given that our tomato crop is finally winding right down to a manageable degree, it is the right time to change our focus to keeping our chile peppers.

We want to consume banana and jalapeno bands on our snacks, pizzas, nachos plus in several other dishes. We've always preserved our peppers in this way, however we performed transform one small information this current year. Before we utilized pint containers – which appeared like a good idea because of the amount of produce it is possible to bring into one container. But directly after we would open up a jar, we might just use 1/4-1/2 associated with items, along with the rest planning waste.piece peppers to your desired thickness, making the seeds undamaged. which means this year, we decided the wise action to take should can our hot pepper rings in half-pint jars, looking to remain within our motif of decreasing waste inside our house.

You can make use of this meal with almost any pepper which you have actually. Don’t limitation yourself to banana peppers. You can use this exact same pickling brine liquid to preserve jalapenos, habenaros, cajun belles, cayenne peppers, and more. Just be sure you label each jar so that you know what you will be gaining that pizza!


1 lb of chilli peppers

3 cups of white vinegar

2 glasses of liquid

3 teaspoons of pickling salt

3 cloves of garlic


Make sure to wear gloves when slicing the peppers to prevent burns and irritation*Prepare canning jars (sterilize and keep warm) and prepare hot water bath.

1. Most significant step –If you're working with hot peppers make sure you wear gloves before slicing all of them. Trust me, a lb of hot peppers doesn’t appear to be plenty, but your fingers will burn off and ache all night in the event that you don’t use gloves.

2. Clean and stem peppers. Slice into 1/8-1/4 inch pieces. Reserve.

3. Put vinegar, water, and pickling salt in a method sauce pan and place on medium heat.

4. Peel and smash the garlic cloves and put all of them when you look at the vinegar/water combination.

5. Heat to boiling.

Pack rings inside containers and then add the hot fluid.6. Remove skins of garlic and reduce each clove by 50 percent.

7. Fill each hot jars with 1/2 of a clove a garlic and then include the pepper slices, making certain to leave 1/4″ of headspace near the top of the container.

8. Ladle the hot liquid to the jars completing to pay for the peppers, maintaining the 1/4″ of headspace. Utilize a plastic utensil to eliminate any environment bubbles – you may have to include additional fluid.

9. Add hot top and ring. Process in warm water bath for 10 minutes for half pints or pint containers. * Adjust for height as essential.

10. Eliminate and let cool all day and night. Check to ensure the jar is sealed ahead of saving. If jars couldn't seal (the cover bounces along), invest fridge and make use of within two weeks.


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Mary and Jim

  1. 1 pound of hot peppers
  2. 3 cups of white vinegar
  3. 2 glasses of water
  4. 3 teaspoons of pickling salt
  5. 3 cloves of garlic
Source: oldworldgardenfarms.com
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