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What's Natural Prairie Organic Beef?
Organic Prairie Natural Beef steaks, roasts, ground meat and hot puppies are made from 100% licensed organic beef. Organic Prairie creatures tend to be raised on family members farms, and not accept antibiotics, toxic pesticides, synthetic bodily hormones, or genetically customized (GM) feed.

What makes natural Prairie’s beef organic?

  • Natural Prairie farmers never use antibiotics, poisonous pesticides, synthetic hormones, or genetically customized (GM) feed.
  • We practice respectful, humane pet care, from the farm, through transport, and at the time of harvest.
  • Our animals graze in organic pastures and are completed on the farm, instead of crowded feedlots.
  • Organic animals take in only licensed natural, vegetarian feeds and pasture no animal byproducts. This is your most readily useful security against bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, or Mad Cow illness).
  • Farms, feed, and services meet—and often exceed—all organic official certification standards as confirmed by annual 3rd party assessments and regular visits by Organic Prairie staff.

Is natural animal meat secure?
There's even more to food protection than on-farm techniques. We go beyond the gate with your animals to make sure high quality and safety.

  • To ensure your safety, every group of Organic Prairie meat is tested for unwanted organisms before it will leave our handling services.
  • Organic Prairie examinations for all seven E. Coli pathogenic strains in garbage found in our ground meat.
  • Organic Prairie keeps careful records on every animal we raise and harvest, guaranteeing traceability from farm to table.
  • We require annual 3rd party center assessments for adherence to USDA Good production Practices. Organic Prairie staff follows on audits.

Which are the healthy benefits of eating Organic Prairie organic meat?

  • Eating organic beef reduces the possibility of exposure to pesticides, growth hormones, and antibiotics, as well as the harmful bacteria being more prone to be located in meat produced in confined pet feeding functions (CAFOs).
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