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Whey-Fed PorkWhen cheese is created, milk is separated into curds and whey. The curds go on to help make mozzarella cheese. The whey – that will be rich in necessary protein and nutrients – is provided to your heritage-breed Berkshire and Duroc-cross pigs.

A far more full nutritional protein than whole grain, whey tends to make our pork leaner and extremely flavorful. No growth hormones or steroids are administered. Antibiotics are utilized therapeutically, and just if homeopathic remedies are not working. All our chicken items are without any nitrates and preservatives, even the smoked bacons and hams.

Why heritage breeds? To save and revive forgotten breeds.

Berkshires tend to be a jeopardized strain of pig, while it began with County Berkshire in The united kingdomt. This pig is sturdy, doing very well outside, and especially foraging in pasture. (very important to a farm like ours.) Berkshire animal meat is darker than commercial pork, and more flavorful than the chicken based in the grocery store fridge. Whey-fed Berkshire beef is the pork-lovers’ peak.

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Our heritage-breed Katahdin sheep wander easily within our areas in the top farm, mingling using the chickens and grazing on organically licensed pastures.

Katahdin sheep tend to be a variety of hair sheep created in the United States on the Piel Farm in north main Maine. Occasionally seen erroneously as goats, Katahdin’s are not fleece sheep therefore do not require shearing. In winter, they grow a tremendously thick winter season coating, which sheds into the cozy season making all of them extremely tolerant of heat and moisture. Hardy, adaptable, and low maintenance, they truly are well suited for grass/forage-based farming and pasture lambing. Katahdin’s create good quality, obviously lean meat with a pleasant, moderate taste.

Beef cattle aren't our main focus as cattle use much more sources than our smaller animals. But we do keep a small number of beef steer. These types of tend to be Hereford/Milking Shorthorn crosses and they graze because of the milk herd.

Complimentary Raised Rose Veal

Rose Veal is younger beef which comes from more aged, pasture-raised calves. The resulting animal meat is a deep rose in color, caused by a natural upbringing on lawn and their relative maturity.

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