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Grass-Fed Steaks

How To Make Tender Grass-Fed Steak PrimallyInspired.comNow's your opportunity to get an infrared sauna at low cost- about 40% off retail!

Learn to cook tender grass-fed steak by using these step by step guidelines!

Grass-Fed Steak is perhaps all the trend today. And for good reason! Here’s just a couple of explanations why I choose grass-fed beef:

Step-by-step guidelines about how to Make Tender Grass-Fed Steak

  1. Choose your steak – any steak is going to work, we promise!
  2. Period your steak with 1 tsp of coarse sea salt (find RIGHT HERE) per side.
  3. Add any extra natural herbs or seasonings to both sides.
  4. Let steak sit for an hour per inches of thickness.
  5. Rinse the steak really.
  6. Pat both sides totally dry. (essential!)
  7. Making Tender Grass-Fed Steak PrimallyInspired.comGrill, cook or broil your steak with your favorite strategy (see my recommendations below).
  8. Let stay for 5 minutes.
  9. Enjoy eating your flavorful, juicy & tender grass-fed steak!

Suggestions On Simple Tips To Cook Your Steak:

There are lots of techniques to cook a fantastic steak. In the event that you used the above strategy, you’ve already infused the steak with numerous flavor and you’ve also already broken down the protein and fat to create a perfectly tender grass-fed steak. Now it’s up to you to choose a cooking strategy.

Here are some of my favorite steak cooking methods you can test:

Broiling in Oven:

Using A Cast Iron Skillet:

Making use of a Skillet & Finishing In Oven:


What’s your preferred way to season your steak? Have you had issues before preparing tender grass-fed steak?

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