Beyond Organic Grass Fed beef

1. Grass fed and grass done

Our cattle stay their entire everyday lives here on Date Creek Ranch. This means all of our beef is raised right here and we also know they have only eaten grass and other indigenous forages. We don't buy calves from neighbors and/or auction. We know each and every animal, just what their particular life is like, and what they have actually consumed.

2. GMO and soy no-cost

Our cattle eat only lawn. They just do not previously get grains or feed containing GMO’s or soy.

3. Humane therapy

Our cows are content cows. We manage them quietly, with value, and gratitude. Whenever we interact with them we make use of a special low-stress cattle managing technique that keeps all of them peaceful and calm. We give them the top life we can and each time we ask ourselves, “How can we make life better for the animals?”

4. Predator friendly

We're predator friendly. We think that all wildlife, including predators, perform an important role in keeping a healthier ecosystem.

We co-exist with coyotes, mountain lions, foxes, deer, bobcats, javelina, ring-tailed cats, eagles, the sporadic bear, and many other species. We're pleased with the broad diversity of wildlife right here on the farm.

5. Antibiotic drug and hormone complimentary

We never utilize antibiotics or bodily hormones on our cattle. If a pet becomes ill and needs becoming treated with antibiotics, it's tagged and offered at auction.

6. Sequester carbon

Because of the special way we handle our grasslands, we have been in a position to raise the level of natural matter within our soils, therefore enhancing the level of carbon stored in our rangelands.

7. Holistically Managed

Our family farm is managed holistically. This means all decisions are very carefully (see Our targets) evaluated to determine if they're eco, socially, and economically sound.

Diversity of all life about this land plays a role in our standard of living and healthy grounds provide us with a foundation by which to construct an effective business. Date Creek Ranch has a bad carbon footprint. All irrigation of our pastures, orchard, and liquid needs for livestock is performed with solar power.

Source: datecreekranch.com
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