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Where tend to be your farms positioned?

Our four founding cattle farms are found inside northeast spot of Missouri and western Illinois, alongside the Mississippi River. The Wood farm is near Canton, Missouri; the Leeser Farm is in Taylor, Missouri; the Suter farm is near Wyaconda, Missouri; and Crum farm is near Virginia, Illinois. Added little partner facilities throughout the United States offer united states with cattle throughout the year. We also source from a farm run by personal pals of ours in picturesque Tasmania. This area is the ideal place for grazing pets as they have a temperate environment that allows for grazing all year round, and no hormones or GMOs are even permitted in the area. Any slices sourced from Tasmania are going to be defined as such on the website in the specific product descriptions. Both our Midwest and Tasmania cattle tend to be 100per cent grass-fed and grass-finished. Our other services and products originate from our co-operative of family members farms round the country. To learn more about each of the family farm providers, please click here. And here is a hyperlink to extra information on our lover farms.

Have you been certified organic? Then?

All U.S. Wellness Meats cattle pastures and animals happen maintained with natural axioms in mind since 2000. Regrettably, hawaii of Missouri dropped a state-run organic-certification program and switched it over to a personal certifier several years ago. The exclusive certifier desired 3per cent associated with revenues for the preceding year to maintain the license. We politely said no, and believed if Thomas Jefferson remained live however concur. Unfortunately, greed has actually infiltrated a noble cause. 50% of the Missouri organic manufacturers have actually let their particular certification lapse since this scenario was made because of the Missouri legislature.

Does U.S. Wellness Meats stay glued to sustainable farming practices?

Yes. With a 30 to 45-day sleep period between grazing, we increase the density of existing flowers in ourcattle pastures and enable for re-introduction of new native plants. Thus, all of our grassland is profoundly rooted, and this better root structure and thicker sod enables the landscape to catch and hold almost all of the rainfall that hits it, resulting in virtually no earth erosion or flooding. Finally, this sustainable eco-system is a natural carbon recycler: the carbon our animals produce is reused by our plant life for further growth.

Do you realy offer wholesale or affiliate programs?

Yes, we offer both. As an affiliate marketer, you can make commissions based off product sales from your own web site. As the wholesale customer, it can save you by purchasing in bulk. For more information on both programs, see our internet site.

FAQs: About Our Beef

Do you really give antibiotics or bodily hormones?

No, not one of your animals tend to be given antibiotics or hgh throughout the span of their everyday lives.

Will be the cattle completed with grain?

Never. As soon as our pets are weaned from their moms, they consume quality forage throughout their everyday lives. Not just is grain-finish countertop towards values of grass-fed agriculture, but a big change to a starchy grain diet can undo omega 6:3 ratios and CLA values in thirty days.

Exactly what do cattle eat in the winter?

The start of winter season does not mean the end of grazing for the animals—there remains stock-piled forage they eat until it really is gathered or snowfall is a concern. Whenever snowfall tends to make grazing impossible, we feed our creatures our personal hay, which can be pasture lawn this is certainly harvested and kept when dried out. Baleage, fresh pasture grass that's cut at ideal quality, stored and vacuum cleaner packed while moist, allows for nearly green grass in January. During harsh climate, we health supplement with a starch-free grass plant protein for additional energy and necessary protein. We never use grain (starch) as it will destroy excellent lipid biochemistry.

Where are the cattle gathered? Is-it humane?

The creatures are tended as humanely as possible up to aim of slaughter to minimize tension. The procedure is done as soon as possible to eliminate pet injury or suffering. Therefore we are sticklers about hygiene: We demand a steam-cleaned center for slaughter procedure to eradicate all threat of mix contamination with grain-fed animals, and we also tend to be devoted to a strict adhere to the USDA's Hazard Analysis and important Control Point (HACCP) criteria. In over 10 years with this current abattoir, we yet to see any proof of adrenaline-rush harm (a sudden tension indicator) into the beef muscle after slaughter. And in keeping with our custom of promoting outstanding family based businesses, our facility is family-owned with six members of the same household tangled up in overseeing day-to-day businesses.

Are your meat aged?
  • Beef is elderly. Aging is critical to a tender, flavorful meat product. Meat is slashed into sub-primal cuts and aged for about 30 days before it is slashed into retail portions. Damp the aging process enables the break down of collagen, essential to infusing fat through animal meat. To be able to guarantee freshness, wet aging is done in a vacuum package to enhance animal meat security.
  • Fats (tallow, lard, and duck fat) are not aged, but rather unwanted fat is frozen and rendered as needed.
  • Organ meat aren't elderly; organ meats are fine, and want to packaged quickly after harvest.
  • Pork isn't elderly, but it is chilled ~5 times just before fabrication.
  • Bison just isn't aged since it is so lean-to start with and intramuscular fat is needed to age meats. Bison hangs for ~48 hours to chill the carcass before fabrication.
  • Lamb is certainly not elderly; its chilled for ~48 hours just before fabrication.
  • Chicken, chicken, and Rabbit isn't aged; its frozen soon after collect and fabrication.
  • Seafood is certainly not elderly; the frozen fish selections tend to be processed and frozen soon after the initiation of collect.
What is a "primal" and a "sub-primal"?
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