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Meat processing plants in Texas

The purpose of the foodstuff Processing Section will be economically and effortlessly create the beef, chicken and vegetable needs for TDCJ. The food processing division is comprised of three plants: the Pork Packing Plant found in the Michael Unit in Tennessee Colony, the Beef Processing Plant found on Neal product in Amarillo, together with Vegetable Canning Plant found in the Terrell Unit in Rosharon.

The foodstuff Processing part is targeted on 2 major areas:

  • Manufacturing: It is our goal to create as much of requirements of the kitchens as possible while keeping the best feasible cost. It really is inside our best interest to-be as efficient and cost-effective as possible.
  • Food protection: We are going to produce our items when you look at the best way possible. This is attained by with the most useful resources open to us, including microbiological sampling, product evaluation and seeing outside solutions when necessary.

All three plants tend to be under evaluation services:

  • Beef Processing Plant is under the inspection oversight of this Tx division of wellness (TDH) Meat Inspection Division.
  • Pork Packing Plant is beneath the evaluation oversight of the Texas Division of Wellness – Meat Inspection Division.
  • Canning Plant is underneath the inspection oversight of the United States Food and Drug management.

The Food Processing Section works closely using Food provider division to continuously satisfy their demands. This has resulted in brand new item development at both the pork and meat flowers. We also explore issues that the kitchens might have about some of the products which we produce.

Neal Beef Plant

The Neal Beef Plant, located in Amarillo, produces meat services and products for TDCJ. Presently, the plant creates surface meat, beef salami, beef bologna, beef backlinks, meat moves, and beef franks.

Offender labor is supplied by the Neal product for just two production changes and 1 sanitation change. The plant utilizes roughly 180 offenders everyday in production, upkeep, shipping, packing and sanitation.

The beef plant also employs roughly 21 condition workers. These staff members supervise those activities associated with offenders in most areas.

The plant yearly produces and ships about 14 million pounds of beef products. The typical cost to create these items is $1.35/pound.

The plant is underneath the examination regarding the united states of america division of Agriculture and is needed to have a Hazard testing Critical Control aim (HACCP) plan for control of food security related problems. Besides TDH inspection, the plant also offers a very strict quality control program that's used and supervised by the quality-control manager.

Michael Packing Plant

The Michael Unit Packing Plant is located in Tennessee Colony. It currently creates loin concludes, shoulders, spareribs, polish sausage, volume pork sausage, ground chicken and a pork roll. The Packing Plant annually produces and ships more or less 10 million weight of pork products towards TDCJ devices.

Another purpose of the Michael Packing Plant is show offenders skills that may assist them to upon launch. Roughly 300 offenders and approximately 27 condition workers work on the plant 5 days weekly, 2 changes a day.

The Michael Packing Plant is in assessment associated with Texas division of Health and as such, features a powerful Hazard research important Control aim (HACCP) want to get a grip on meals safety issues. The plant employs a strict routine to make sure a fresh nutritious item is supplied into the Food provider Division.

Terrell Canning Plant

The Canning Plant produces on average 306, 000 situations of canned veggies annually. The principal vegetables canned are green beans, carrots, nice potatoes, leafy vegetables, pinto beans, squash and sauerkraut. The Canning Plant encompasses 122, 000 sqft.

The Terrell Canning Plant is designated as an Approved Training Station for Vocational Industrial Education system in cooperation using the Windham School District. This educational system provides qualifying offenders with profession task training which academically thorough, addresses student needs and real on-the-job experience which will contribute to their successful reintegration to the staff.

The Canning Plant provides all assigned offenders using opportunity for a productive work, work abilities and training, and a-work ethic.

The Canning Plant employs about 25 condition staff members, including 12 security staff, and it has over 400 offenders assigned throughout the year. Tasks are planned for just two 6-hour changes daily, with regular plants calling for extended work schedules. The Cannery is able to create year a year.

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