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Texas Slabs Beef Jerky

Greetings snacklings. Really, it is already been 30 days since I’ve final joined up with you right here on old web site. Took a little bit of a hiatus. If only i really could say it absolutely was planned, like when those supercool design businesses turn off their particular workplaces for a year therefore the manufacturers can go get all encouraged by traveling and looking at interesting material. But nay, truly I’ve just held it's place in a funk. Few by using the return of all of my favorite television shows, along with the most perfect meal for unproductivity.

My time had beenn’t all squandered at the television however. I took a short 48 hour jaunt across the gulf to go to a buddy in Dallas. While here, I attended a comic guide meeting. It was a very good time.

There was lots of good nerdy cosplay. Always key for a good meeting experience. Dr. who was simply really highly represented. Which is form of lame because I don’t think bow ties is counted as costumes. Oh, you have got a cinnamon brown wool blend coat. That must’ve taken you permanently not to make yourself at all.

The pimp Jabba the Hutt we saw, that was an outfit.

I happened to be capable include some brand-new action figures to my burgeoning Masters of Universe collection while wandering the con flooring. Roboto, Whiplash, Leech, and Stratos if you were wondering. In addition purchased some packs of Saved By the Bell trading cards. Shirtless Mario Lopez in acid wash jeans: check. And I also had a crazy good sense memory flashback as I rummaged through a bin of free toys and acquired a Sectaur action figure that I possessed as a kid. I had completely forgotten the Sectaurs existed. I became immediately whisked through time and remembered joyfully using it in the living room flooring. It absolutely was awesome. Your head is an interesting device.

Without nerding, I was tooling around the Dallas-Fort value area absorbing Texas. The big news at the time had been that their huge state fair statue male thing Big Tex had burned down. I understand this because while at a taco restaurant (enjoying the most readily useful tacos I’ve had) they devoted initial 10 minutes for the 11 o’ clock development to continuing protection for this tragic occasion, complete with men and women leaving flowers and seeking legitimately unfortunate. This protection was only interrupted for most recent footage from every one of the neighborhood senior school baseball games. Texas.

I got eventually to try In-N-Out Burger for the first time, that has been great. And jack-in-the-box which was also great in an oh-my-god-this-is-so-bad-for-me types of method. These two stops occurred within about 90 mins of each and every other on Sunday early morning just before we headed on airport. There was some inflight turbulence but nothing from it ended up being brought on by climate. In the event that you get my drift.

Previously in the week-end I talked about to my Texas-based friend Erik that i desired discover some meat jerky to take-home for blog for the reason that it appeared like a quintessentially Texasy treat. He stated he'd a pal whoever daddy had a beef jerky shop. I responded using the correct degree of enthusiasm (a beef jerky shop?!) and we also scheduled a visit.

Though the store front side marquee just and gloriously read “beef jerky, ” it had been in fact a purveyor of many forms of meat and meat accessories. Texas.

The cramped area ended up being stocked with rows upon rows of rubs, spices, and marinades. All of which I would have loved to bring residence to your Sunshine State and attempt inside my leisure. But we demurred when I failed to want my title land regarding the terrorist no fly number if the perma-miserable TSA representatives at Dallas-Fort Worth Global had been to stumble across a 4 ounce jar Great Uncle Slapjack’s Texas Style Barbecue Sauce in my own carry on. They hate united states for our freedom.

But I did pick up this bag of these do-it-yourself and safe for flight travel Sweet and Spicy Beef Jerky. Kudos on maybe not phoning it “artisan.” Keep it manly.

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