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Muenster TX Meat Market

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Fischer's Meat Market in Muenster, Texas, is not your ordinary small-town supermarket. It really is a supermarket of sausages. Besides having well-stocked racks of kitchen area services and products, rows of niche food products, and a wide selection of import beers, the beef marketplace tends to make over 30 different kinds of sausage.

Freshness tends to make Fischer's pipe steak a standout inside crowded field of Texas sausage-makers, says Penny Fisher. It will help that Fisher household owns the feedlot that supplies the raw materials for 15 butchers. The livestock and lots of the store's vegetables come from farms and ranches in your community.

Though it is a little an element of the company at Fischer's USDA-inspected processing plant, the staff churns out 2, 200 weight each day of floor beef and chicken mixed with a secret mixture of spices passed down through generations of Fishers (your family dropped the "c"). "Our sausage is also loads leaner than almost every other sausages, " Penny claims.

On the moving mountains of North Texas, 15 miles west of Gainesville, Muenster had been called after the capital of the Westphalia area of Germany. Twenty-five German immigrant households relocated to the city site on Jan. 1, 1890. For more than a century, farming, oil, and livestock have suffered the residents, many who trace their particular lineage towards the German Catholic settlers.

Two brothers, Joe and John Fisher, began some supermarket and butcher store in 1927, as the Dust Bowl and also the despair had been grasping the Plains. Providing great service and great meals, the brothers presented in throughout the downturn in the economy and prospered after World War II.

The brothers sold the company to John's two sons in 1975, and in 2005 it had been handed down to grandson Steven Fisher, Penny's spouse, along with his brother-in-law Stanley Hess. If the marketplace moved to its 3rd and current location, Steven's mommy insisted the brand new building include a glockenspiel. The original German time clock tower plays music in the time with seven figures coming out of a door like a giant cuckoo time clock. It really is among just a few animated glockenspiels inside U.S. and perhaps alone in Texas.

If you want your sausage served on a plate without wrapped in white butcher report, Fischer's sausage can be seen and also other German food in Muenster at Rohmer's Restaurant, 217 E. Division St.; in the Center Restaurant & Tavern, 603 Hwy. 82 E.; and across the street from Fischer's at Doc's Bar & Grill, 113 N. principal, which consumes the former medical center building.

Fischer's Meat Market is at 304 N. principal in Muenster. Alongside picnic supplies, sausage, vegetables, custom animal meat processing, and many different cheeses, industry materials holiday smoked turkeys and hams. The store is available Monday through Saturday, 6am to 7pm, and Sunday, 9am to 5:30pm. For information, call 940/759-4211 or visit .

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