Paleo Meatloaf with Tomato

Bulk Organic Meat

As we still grow our farming operations, we have been always looking more wholesale outlets for the services and products! Maple Wind Farm seems forward to working with that offer our wonderful pasture-raised meat and organic veggies to your customers.

Goods Designed For Wholesale

  • 100 % Grass-Fed & Grass Finished
  • Pasture-Raised History
  • Pasture-Raised Non-Organic & Licensed Organic
  • Qualified Organic
  • Summertime Sausage – no nitrate
  • BBQ Beef Sticks – no nitrate

Wholesale Chicken

Fresh product sales weekly from Summer- end of October! Our operation is growing annually to accommodate the increasing demand of tasty chicken lifted on pasture. Please give us a call! We can bulk pack or offer in retail packages. At the conclusion of the summer season we sell frozen item until the after June. Entire and components readily available.

Wholesale Beef & Pork

Our meat and pork are butchered in a USDA-inspected center and based on scheduling could be readily available fresh or frozen. Kindly contact us really in advance of your needs since we are regular with our grass-fed meat procedure to make sure the greatest quality forage at slaughter time. Our chicken procedure has grown to accommodate the acquisition of sides and whole creatures for wholesale customers.

Wholesale Vegetables

Our qualified organic veggie procedure now includes a high tunnel for cold temperatures manufacturing, in addition to our field crops. Maple Wind Farm focuses on root storage plants. A regular accessibility number is out every Monday early morning. Deliveries are manufactured on Thursdays (or by arrangement).

Wholesale Eggs

Please understand that our egg production is within flux depending on the time of year. We do create eggs year round and also a steady customer base. We welcome inquiries but until we increase our flock substantially, we possibly may never be in a position to undertake new customers.

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