Schreiner s Fine Sausages

Schneider Meat Market

Doug Brant stands in front of Brant's Meat Market situated in Lucas, Kansas. Photo courtesy Lynn Schneider.
An earlier time image of Brant's, date as yet not known. Photo courtesy Doug Brant.
The inside of Brant's Meat Market has changed bit as it exposed. Photo Connie Dougherty.
Brant's Meat marketplace has been in company since 1922 and operated constantly by the Brant Family. Picture Marci Penner.
Do-it-yourself sausage is a specialty at Brant's Meat marketplace. These are typically famous for bologna, too! Photo Marci Penner.

Address: 125 S. principal, Lucas, KS 67648 [map this place]
Phone: 785.525.6464
Website: no web site

Open Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; Saturday 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

Brant's Meat marketplace is the 8 Wonders of Kansas Commerce because all beef products are made on location utilizing a variety of conventional techniques only at that household company started in 1922.


Units of delights await you at Brant's! A person is the initial step inside this smallish brown brick-building with huge cup house windows and awning. Along side it view shows wall surface murals depicting the Brant's native land, Czechoslovakia, and a few grocery staples from the wall surface racks. The big gold historic check out erases any doubt that you've find a real throwback experience.

Very likely Doug Brant are going to be within counter or nearby, ready to offer a warm welcome. One which just even rest a foot on the metal rail you'll likely be smiling from one thing Doug states - unless you're currently distracted with what the thing is in another of the original meat coolers.

When you look at the blink of an eye fixed, the new buddy Doug will likely be promoting a sampling for the famous bologna or sausage. Does it taste brilliant because of the experience or since it is so excellent?


Most of all, there are not any prepacked meats offered right here. All fresh meat tend to be cut and prepared within meat marketplace. Homemade products focus on the Brant's Bologna (a ring prepared consume) and include Pepper sausage (additionally in rings and able to consume), smoked sausages, Liverwurst, and meat jerky. Multiple mozzarella cheese is available as it goes so well using ready-to-eat items. Hamburger, volume sausage, steaks, dried out cured bacon, beef and chicken roasts, and pork chops may on the listing. Hamburger is ground fresh and sage, sodium, and pepper is put into the fresh ground sausage.


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