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Meat Market McKinney TX

6726 W Main St
Frisco, TX 75034
(972) 712-5620

This analysis is for the restaurant within the straight back. I tried their tacos although i truly liked the carnitas, the al pastor wasn't the best. They are tiny as road tacos should really be, about the same corn tortilla, nevertheless they would not break apart. We purchased three carnitas as well as 2 al pastor. They came with onions, cilantro and salsa. I inquired for green and purple and they gave me three each. The purple salsa is hottttt! I did not need too much to set my hair on fire. The carnitas were really flavorful and it would not need any sodium. These people were in addition maybe not greasy, which I appreciated. Often I have grossed out once I'm eating street tacos and oil simply leaks away. The al pastor I was thinking might have been grilled more-I want it a little charred. I really could taste the pineapple marinade so had been a very important thing. Tacos are $1.50 each, so it is a bargain in addition they give you many animal meat. I can not wait to return and try their mole and pozole (just on Saturdays and Sundays). This location is good for genuine Mexican food. The solution ended up being friendly. They understood myself whenever I spoke English nonetheless they responded in Spanish. Since I have am proficient in Spanish, it was not a problem, but I'm certain they could realize English although I didn't speak Spanish.

Which means this destination can be your hole inside wall surface place. It's tiny, they offer meat also Mexican - related foods. Inside straight back, obtained somewhat taco procedure going on. We ordered some tacos de el pastor, a shrimp cocktail and a side of rice and beans. The beans were good. The rice had been reasonable. The shrimp beverage was unhealthy according to my partner. The pastor was dry. So... overall, the food was decent. Probably the very first legit spot i have been too. In addition purchased some Carne asada to grill the next day.

I had large expectations for this marketplace considering reviews therefore the decreased markets want it in the region. It existed around some, although not other people. First off, the produce had been non-existent. They did not have any limes!! what sort of marketplace does not have limes?!?! The taqueria location was shut when I moved, but i obtained some of the beef anyways through the glass case. The beef after cooked ended up being decent. I also liked the fact that you could purchase the white Mexican cheese by the lb. I avoid using all of it whenever I purchase it at other areas within their pre-determined quantities. The cashier was really nice and though I paid in money, there is not a minimum for credit card expenditures.

Great standard Mexican food a the restaurant in the rear of the shop. Authentic, fresh ingredients with low quality environment, loud television, and cranking songs. Really worth a visit!

Save $35 and go somewhere else! Words cannot clarify how gross this spot was! After using a couple of bites our house left the nasty meals available and left. My better half purchased a Torta de Barbacoa plus it was basically a torta with pure fat chunks. No animal meat. The small animal meat he did have had been difficult, dried up, and nearly black colored! My children had beans and rice. Beans were dull and rice appeared to have final weeks rice with nasty black and dehydrated corn in it as well. Yuck! I possibly could not let them consume it. Don't consume right here!

Easily'm in Frisco, this is actually the just taqueria that's well worth coming to. Food is delicious particularly the carnitas.but the portions are little and overpriced for tacos or tortas. I guess like every single other location to eat in Frisco, this has becoming overpriced. Perhaps not the best, however it does.

Tacos are excellent, particularly the al pastor. These are generallyn't dried out whatsoever like certain areas. Just dowside is that they are smaller compared to many places. The kitchen is also slooooow. Never come here looking to grab some tacos or tortas and run.

Good selection in slightly area, lots of herbs and cooking improvements. Restaurant within the back and beef counter-off to the side.

Had tampiqueno dish with meat, rice and beans. Kind sized offering for $6.99. Was included with. Corn tortillas and so I made personal tacos.

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