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The Meat Merchandising system was created to prepare the student for entry level work into the various associated levels of processing, advertising and marketing, merchandising of meat, catering, and value-added items. Pupils are given the opportunity to master the relevant skills needed for success in animal meat merchandising, which includes slaughtering, chilling, aging, quartering, cutting, and examining pork, meat, lamb, poultry, and fish.

The Hinds Community university Meat Merchandising plan is completed in three semesters (one complete year) that can be begun at the beginning of any eight week portion.

Job Possibilities

Work are based in the area of retail beef merchandising inside string stores and supermarkets with the potential for advancement to such positions as marketplace supervisor, beef supervisor, or meat customer.

Various other opportunities may include specific jobs in packing houses, resort offer houses and jobbers, meals solution facilities, niche shops plus the possibility of starting your own company. This program faculty has actually assisted place pupils in excellent tasks for the business, and a lot of pupils have actually tasks arranged and waiting if they complete the program.

Tips Enter the Program

  • File the state transcript at the office of Admissions and reports
  • Be no less than 16 years old and file a suitable basic aptitude test battery score using Office of Admissions and Records
  • Be interviewed by the trainer in Meat Merchandising system

The Meat Merchandising system provides you with learning the following areas: Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry, Processing, Curing, cigarette, Sausage generating, product sales, Pricing, and providing

For more information, contact the Meat Merchandising Department at Hinds at 601.857.3340 and/or HCC company of Admissions and reports at 601.857.3212.

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