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Homemade sausage is a delicious and affordable solution to use most of the components of pork animal meat. After butchering our pig it is time to make pork sausage. As my hubby had been cutting pork steaks also cuts of chicken I happened to be putting apart chances and ends of chicken animal meat to utilize when you look at the chicken sausage. We slashed these bits of pork beef and fat into about 1 inches cubes.

Next comes the enjoyment part. I develop different tastes of sausage by combining spices and natural herbs. We add salt to my chicken sausages, but if you are on a low sodium diet you can just lower the amount of sodium you utilize or leave it out completely. The best part of creating personal sausage is the ability to control the what enter my sausage. Here is a basic morning meal sausage blend for 12 pounds of sausage.

experienced Pork MeatSausage Ingredients

12 weight of combined chicken meat and pork fat (I do a 75percent beef and 25per cent fat blend. You'll control your own proportion but, sausage needs to be combined with enough amount of fat to cook properly.)

4 tablespoons of kosher sodium

6 teaspoons of dried sage

3 ½ teaspoons of newly surface black pepper

3 ½ teaspoons of brown sugar

2 teaspoons of dried thyme

1 teaspoon of dried marjoram

¾ teaspoon of broken purple pepper

½ tsp of floor cloves

Sausage Seasonings

Sausage Guidelines

I mix the seasonings in a bowl and then We sprinkle the seasonings throughout the pork meat and pork fat a bit at a time while making sure to blend in really with my hands to cover all pieces of meat and fat. After that we cover the container with plastic wrapping and label.

Seasoned Pork Meat

Sausage generating Workstationthen i destination my experienced meat in to the fridge immediately so that the herbs and natural herbs have time to permeate the beef. Next day, I freeze the sausage for a couple of hours before milling the meat.

Sausage Making Workstation

I use an electric beef grinder to work up the chicken to make sausage. I fry up a tiny sausage patty to taste to see easily need to include more seasonings. Once that Im quite happy with the style I grind up every one of the sausage.

Make a Sausage Test Patty Before milling up the Whole group

Sausage Test Pattywe place a plastic meat case after the sausage funnel. When I feed a small amount of animal meat through electric meat grinder. I pack the bag securely. After packing each beef bag when i twist the most notable and tie-off with beef case tape.

Completing the Sausage Meat Bags

Securely Tie Off the Meat Bags

We pack the sausage within one lb packages, label and time the bundles, and place them inside fridge.

Sausage Ready when it comes to Freezer

This year we made 24 pounds of breakfast sausage, 12 weight of bratwurst, 9 weight of southwestern sausage, and 5 ½ pounds of my key recipe sausage. Making my own sausage is a very gratifying knowledge. Its both affordable and delicious!

Filling the Meat Bags Pack and Tie Off Meat Bags
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