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Texas King Halal Meat

3825 W Spring Creek Pkwy
Ste 209
Plano, TX 75023
(972) 596-7786

This review is for the Iftaar Buffet: Stopped by Texas King Plano yesterday the Iftaar Buffet with friends. Known as ahead of time to see easily needed to reserve a table (want it seems a lot of people into the group have experienced to) but was told through a female worker i really could just can be bought in. The good news is a buddy made a decision to call and reserve a table anyway in the future. Whenever we got to the restaurant we discovered that each dining table had without a doubt been reserved therefore we were relieved my pal had the foresight to reserve a table anyway. Buffet is a good value of them costing only ten dollars with a good scatter in accordance with the purchase price. Really liked the Chilli Chicken, the Pakoras additionally the eBiryani (even though it was a bit on the rich side). Was not an admirer of the Nihari but i am perhaps not a big fan of Nihari as a whole and I need provide kudos for how incredibly tender the meat ended up being. I was a little disappointed your buffet don't have my favorite dish (butter chicken) but I'm able to understand how that might be too expensive. All in all I became pleased about the food and choice. Now the service was a different issue, and I do not me personallyan that there was anything the staff did wrong. As an old server myself, I really thought bad when I needed to view whilst the staff scrambled to obtain each table water and other things while changing trays, cups and plates. Over everything else the staff must appease the demands of multiple people to buy them their own personal naan trays, and drop everything and bring out styrofoam glasses for chai and eventually to refill the sugar as soon as it emptied. The staff went themselves ragged wanting to do everything and thus many things took somewhat longer than it must need to be changed ex. cups, dishes, liquid jugs etc. I know that everybody did their finest but being these types of a well known restaurant I think they need to give consideration to hiring a bit more assistance the Iftaar dash next Ramadan. In the end nonetheless I was certainly pleased with what I appreciate as one of the best little Plano area Halal restaurants and would ideal the Iftaar buffet to anyone.

We went there these days after about eight months after considering on our dinner destination for twenty minutes amongst four adults. We decided to go back to all of them as opposed to Al-Markaz, Eat St. Kabab Factory along with other places because it was my partner's birthday and she likes the area. Food & purchase: I moved in with kids as meals ended up being served. We purchased Bihari Kabab, chicken Karachi, seekh Kabab, Nihari and chicken boti. I asked for Bihari Kabab and my wife passed myself anything resembling a burnt out Michelin tire. We took a bite and requested my spouse the thing that was that and she told me 'Bihari Kabab'. I ended eating that embarrassment. Chicken Karahi made up of virtually four small bones which had remnants of animal meat on it. I'd to ask the host when they had been brief on spending plan in which he said that they have chicken this is certainly obviously given rather than hormones fed in the place of apologizing and supplying to displace it. Chicken Tikka appeared as if it had been fried a moment time. I'd to prevent consuming that bit of lousy craftsmanship. I am no prepare but We have made better tikka in my own yard which is not rubber. Services: the ground was slippery throughout as soon as I asked all of them, they stated that it was as a result of rain and damp footsteps. I suppose they did not take into account intelligence quantities of customers whom understand the distinction between extra slippery area from a wet one. The high chairs for kids don't have the lap harness that parts seat for just two feet. Two young ones slipped through together with it not already been for persistent moms and dads, children would have been harmed. Provider: We bought the meals that arrived without raita (asked for with all the order) and Nihari had been offered without the lemon. We had to inquire about for both and even after karahi circumstance, only once had been we checked on by Adeel. After we chose to keep, I went to the countertop to help make the repayment and told Adeel that it was my spouse's birthday celebration and we decided to go there and all he said ended up being "i'm very sorry and I'll look after it". He never said exactly how however manage it. It was definitely the worst supper in final couple of years in DFW location. I'm fully aware that desi establishments either don't care or cannot understand the influence of customer support but this was high class customer support botch up. I explained this to Adeel very nicely and politely and even paid for the whole dinner with exclusion of karahi and one naan, that we should not have because my wife's birthday supper ended up being a MESS. Adeel, not as soon as agreed to do just about anything despite understanding the nature of your visit and level of your knowledge. ZERO STAR SERVICE!!! Go there at your threat!!!

This location constantly takes centuries to obtain the meals away. I have attempted this destination couple of times now. Whenever they experienced similar problem. Food is ok not great so it is not worth to wait patiently significantly more than 50 minutes for the food. Won't come back!! Had enough of this location. Note: when you will plan to come here be sure you have sufficient time for you watch for food and you aren't truly hungry because you aren't getting food fast.

Quite bad customer care. I had to chase down a server to even order. We waited about 45 moments with no revisions on whenever meals would arrive. No water, salad or dishes were served, my loved ones and I also finished up leaving the restaurant. Would not suggest this restaurant.

Don't visit here!! Food sucks, obtained the same title as a good restaurant in Richardson although proprietors vary as well as the meals is bad. The chicken boti ended up being so nasty it tasted want it was reheated from 3 times prior to. If the cashier requested how the meals ended up being we inform them it absolutely was bad in addition they didn't even apparently care.

Tomato purée blended with chicken doesn't succeed chicken Karahi. 3 chicken pieces for chicken Karahi saying its for 2 people. Salad- ridiculous. 2 leaf of lettuce with 2 bit of onion. Overall the Gurda was alright however the volume of meals you obtain as of this spot is not really worth of money or your travel. These are generally attempting to sell children dishes at adult rates.

After eating lunch here, I became violently sick that night and ended up being sick for almost two days. The chicken seemed nasty and oily but we consumed only a little, against my better view. I'd plans to travel a day later as well as the meals poisoning ruined my journey. Glance at my other reviews - i am a generally good and easy-to-please customer. But I have to alert you: USUALLY DO NOT EAT HERE.

Sweet and clean, well-decorated. Buffet selection ended up being great with good flavor. Stopped to take to get, but chose to consume in once I realized they'd a Iftar buffet. It absolutely was affordable aswell, only $9.99. Even though tables were booked, the master place a table for just two for us quietly. That was a great service.

Grill tasted great. Service was terrible. All of our food came at separate times in addition to naan got cool. The host did not bring us more condiments, liquid, any such thing we desired. The butter chicken ended up being the worst. It had 5 pieces of chicken and tasted like whipping ointment. We ordered mind masala and it also ended up being typical at the best. Would just come-back for take out barbecue grill, naan, nihari.

Exemplary hold off staff, great meals. The employees was extremely helpful and continuously examined on united states. The foodstuff was hot, and included hot elaichi chai. Wonderful!

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