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Allen, TX 75002
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Hi. Do we need to also review this? FREEBIRDS IS AMAZING. Looking Freebirds up in Merriam-Webster dictionary, it's defined as "(n). - amazing." Grow your very own burrito, bowl, quesadilla, nachos, tacos. They usually have numerous tortillas available, and millions of options for toppings (meat, vegetables, sauces, cheese/queso, salsas, hot sauce, everything). You can get nuts along with your meals. An excellent atmosphere. Really relaxed and also the workers tend to be wonderful.

We arrived in before a Sidekicks game on Allen celebration Center and got what I was anticipating. This place is pretty just like chipotle, however the meals sitting here failed to look as fresh. We bought a Monster Beef Burrito to share and a order of Chicken Nachos. The burrito is HUGE and undoubtedly adequate for 2 individuals. The beef but had been bland and lacked seasoning. In addition, you can inform that the refried beans was in fact sitting indeed there and were not even stirred while they had been hardened. Overall the burrito ended up being OK. Perhaps not great additionally definately not the worst. The chicken nachos had been better in my opinion, while the chicken had a better taste. They're also pretty completing so this is something that can be provided. This might be a location you hit when your in the area and would like to grab a quick bite not a spot you look for. Additionally, the spot wasn't to wash which will be in addition bothersome while going indeed there to eat in addition they were not to hectic. Easily'm in the area again and wanting some nachos or burritos I might give it another shot.

We have constantly enjoyed gonna freebird. Actually, i've daydreamed about working the line allow time since it appeared like such fun. But unfortunately, my final couple visits to this area and a fresh one out of Frisco never have yielded such an enjoyable experience. I am not sure what you all have altered, nonetheless it some thing. Which one thing is sufficient to prompt my using time and energy to share . Listed below are my observations: -Everyone appeared to be rigid, Unrelaxed and stessed out in my most recent see. - instead of doing one burrito at the same time with my loved ones, the burrito specialist ended up being performing all 3 collectively within one tray. This was complicated and clunky in the place of more cost-effective. -my burrito specialist wasn't having a great time and then my burritos and nachos changed fingers to a new individual halfway through the process. (I constantly enjoyed the committed relationship throughout the procedure.) - these modifications be seemingly for effectiveness however they only did actually result in the procedure slower much less enjoyable. - i am unsure just what changed about the atmospher nevertheless the discipline felt less fun and energized. - there have been no forks because of the sauces, so our celebration needed to interrupt the staff at line 2 times to obtain forks. - additionally, the napkins are not convenient to get. All of these dilemmas caused us to need to get up from dining table several times before we could start appreciating our dinner. Just what could have been an enjoyable experience was lifeless, cluttered with tediousness and lifeless in enthusiasm. -lastly, back at my past trip to this area my beast burrito had been similar to a consistent sized burrito. Unsure exactly what happened there but it had been like half the size. On a more good note my burrito and nachos back at my recent visit tasted excellent.. although alterations in the environment can certainly make myself give an extra idea the next occasion i will be choosing between freebird and another establishment. The modifications that have been made to process, culture and environment aren't assisting but harming your brand and service. FYI Freebird, I shared this via your web website link months ago and heard no response. With sincerest issue,

Love this Freebirds! Always friendly staff plus they are quite simple choosing niche needs. Best Freebirds location that i have been to. High quality customer support frequently.

Howdy, i am in fact sitting within restaurant dumbfounded. The amount of components being added to my bowl/burrito has always been decrease with every trip to your location. Final time my children came by we complained regarding the skimpy portions. The servers included a bit more, but threatened to charge much more. As an Aggie family we frequent Freebirds around this great state. This web site however, acts hardly enough to portions in order to make a Freebird not a hybrid. We seriously question we are going to be back for this website. If you do not return to providing the popular portions which make the Freebird a Freebrid, the likelihood of losing the faithful Aggie after increases. Please hear a loyal Freebird lover

Dissatisfied inside Freebirds place. The dining room wasn't clean. Every dining table inside and out would have to be cleaned off. The meals wasn't great both. My steak had gristle inside it plus it wasn't hot. The Dr Pepper when you look at the water fountain had been away. The staff appeared friendly, not well organized.

We consumed indeed there when and now we all got ill. We'd some various things but i might not advocate it. I've heard nutrients however it is maybe not for all of us

I'm sitting within restaurant as I'm typing this. I recently purchased the light chicken bowl and it is appalling. There were just 6 little bits of chicken. All that is in this dish is black colored beans and salsas. I cannot even finish the entire dish, it really is so bad. You'll not be getting my business any longer. I regularly love arriving at this location and from now on it's a sham. Freebirds is not at all exactly what it used to be when they initially unsealed in College Station.

The manager Brandon Sills rocks !! He gave united states excellent customer care and had been genuinely pleased become at their work and assisting folks. He made our dishes therefore we needed to wait a few minutes on steak so he gave us products in the household and held great conversation using us. He's leaving in June to open up a fresh shop in Nashville, TN which will be perfect since he's so individuals friendly. 10/10 excellent experience! - Lauren & Amira :)

We were headed to Mooyah to eat lunch and decided to attempt freebirds. We had been very disappointed. The area had been dirty. No staff welcomed united states and additionally they weren't hectic at all. Couldn't find a regular table that was clean so my pregnant partner and I also must take a seat on the high seats. Food was bland and unremarkable. We always go to chipotle and will continue doing therefore. See photographs.

Food was regarding cold side, a cold burrito isn't also tasty. Staff ended up being great, when compared with Chipotle this burrito had been tiny and never completing. I'd a Freebird burrito while the rice had no flavor. When it comes to price i will stick with Chipotles.

Had a poor knowledge. Mine probably doesn't reflect the general business but we will not be back. We were over recharged, our rice was rock-hard within our burritos, therefore tasted awful. I understand a few people who love this spot. But as for united states we defintely won't be back.

Constantly great meals! Had the Chicken Nachos. Few is definitely freezing! We freeze whenever we visited this location. Songs is normally too loud! A valuable thing is there is going home sitting therefore do not let that stop you against quickly Mexican goodness!

Super fresh ingredients, i do believe better tasting marinated steak over various other chain burrito locations.

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