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Texas Ranch Life (Chappell Hill)


The Elick Family

At the beginning of life, John's daddy, Jerry Elick, instilled in him an understanding the land, which he learned from his daddy, a Czech immigrant in 1800s, who in addition believed in efforts and commitment.

Together John and Taunia have continued that history at Texas Ranch lifestyle, utilizing their land to preserve an operating bit of Tx history and their loved ones's history, while restoring the land to its normal fame.

Stephen F. Austin

The Lonesome Pine Ranch was initially settled by two of Stephen F. Austin's "old 300" families, Joel Leakey and James Stevenson, whom in the early 1830's, had their particular pick of the finest places in Tx. The descendants of those two settlers are still in the area.

image In January 1821 Austin's parent, Moses Austin, had gotten a license from the Spanish to be in 300 people in Tx, but he died in Missouri a few days later before he could realize his plans.

History in the region

Our part of Central Texas has actually an attractive and fancy record and tradition.photo Through the Spanish-Mexican influence, cowboys and indians, completely towards the arrival of German and Czech settlers, you can find historic restaurants, galleries and areas where you could encounter everything.

There are lots of gorgeous, historic places just a quick drive through the ranch...including Washington regarding Brazos, Independence, TX, the Bluebell Factory in Brenham, and Stephen F. Austin's cabin...

Fun Ranch Facts

Texas Ranch lifetime has an original record all its! From outlaws and bandits to Indians and Confederate soldiers, the farm possesses its own collection of tall reports. Time and imagination could have embellished the reality, nonetheless they nonetheless entertain and delight.

Have the tales behind our centuries old cemetery, a famous Mexican vigilante's saddle, slave stories, grandpa Elick face off with a terrifying Comanche war party therefore the friendly Texas Ranch lifetime ghost!

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