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Free range Meat delivery

Eco-Vacation at Willow Creek Ranch, Coon Valley, WIPasture Pure, grass-fed, Free Range Beef, Pork and Poultry Products from Willow Creek Ranch
All animals are provided down and processed to order to make sure you receive the freshest animal meat feasible. A $200.00 deposit is required to reserve a 1/2 steer or higher.

All of our beef is range given on our house farm. We not merely work right here, we live right here. We utilize no steroids or chemicals which may be bad for you or perhaps the environment. What you obtain is 100% natural meat, direct from farm where it was raised. No middle guy, no long-distance transportation, no filthy mass stockyards. Purchase the beef you supply to your family from a source you can rely on!

All of our meat is aged 7 to 10 times for taste and texture.

Measurements of your purchase can vary greatly with respect to the size of the pet and last holding fat.

Keep in mind, you're buying direct from the farm and last loads will be different from carcass to carcass. Our price is in line with the pre-processing fat (called hanging or rail fat). The ultimate weight you may get in meat (known as table prepared body weight) will be lower than the rail weight considering cutting of fat, deboning and losing moisture.

Pork Rates

The minimal purchase for chicken is a complete hog and a lead time of 5 months is required as a result of more time necessary for cigarette smoking or healing.

An entire hog costs $4.29/lb hanging weight. Price includes smoking and processing.

Pork Cut and Packaging Alternatives

All Willow Creek Meat products are processed specifically for you. The animal meat is slashed to best work for you and preparing preferences. The meat will be labeled together with your name upon it, plus the processing day additionally the type of cut-in the package.




Pork Chops or Loin

Chops or Loin

Loin or Mix

Chops Per Pack

3, 4

Roast Size

3 pounds.

2, or 4 pounds.



Steaks or Sausage



Part Pork



Smoked / Healed

Ham Cuts

Whole or Steaks

Surface Pork

Seasoned Sausage

Hyperlinks, Brats or Ground

(Burger is in 1 pound pipes, Links are 12/Pack; Brats tend to be 6/Pack



Take, Render or Ground Out

Farm New Eggs: $4.00 Per Dozen

If you have never ever consumed an egg fresh from the farm, wou is going to be astonished because of the huge difference. From moment you break the layer while the brilliant colors shine from center, on amazing robust and complex flavor experience, you should have a difficult time buying at shop ever again.

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