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Were only available in 2005, Harvest Local ingredients LLC is owned and managed by Mary Ann Ford of Drexel Hill and Pam Nelson of western Philadelphia.

We and our staff like meals this is certainly grown properly for land, animals, employees, and with regard for people who eat the foodstuff. We think this can be happy food, and it's also required for the continuous wellness of your families, our communities and the planet. We try to create your regional, natural food distribution or purchase pick-up experience a delicious one!

Mary Ann Ford, Co-founder

Mary Ann is a lifelong environmentalist... starting the evening she, at age twelve, slept on the banks for the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The majestic canyon walls loomed above, framing a black sky that could hardly contain the billions of twinkling diamonds hung there. In those moments, Mary Ann discovered her place in the universe-a speck for the reason that immensity, however a powerful lady who had hiked six miles on to this blazing hot area and that would hike ten miles to leave.

Several years later on, as an adult environmentalist, upon mastering that the normal American's meals moves 1500 miles into table, she asked by herself, "How can I call myself an environmentalist and use up that much gasoline just for my meals?" From your own degree to a residential area level, and today through Harvest town ingredients, Mary Ann has committed by herself to increasing the areas for regional farmers and food producers, thereby reducing that 1500 mile average. Mom of two grown daughters, Mary Ann lives in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania along with her natural yard and her Philadelphia 76ers tees, flags and souvenir pictures.

Pam Nelson, Co-founder

Pam grew up on three miles in the suburbs of Boston. To some girl, those three miles had been an all natural sanctuary where she spent hours and hours playing and just being. She, in addition, loved the fresh veggies that expanded inside her grandfather’s yard and took unique enjoyment picking ripe tomatoes and consuming all of them there when you look at the garden, the liquid dripping down her chin. The woman innocent rely upon the wholesomeness of the woman environment was shattered one day, whenever, after drinking from a stream near her house, she learned that the flow was polluted. As she grew, she became alert to the countless methods everyone was harming our planet and themselves.

Since she relocated to West Philadelphia virtually three decades ago, Pam has worked for assorted non-profit organizations on comfort and social justice, cultural threshold, and, now, beneficial food as an employee individual at Mariposa Food Coop. For Pam, Harvest town Foods is a way to subscribe to the recovery of the planet as well as its inhabitants, and to share the joys of consuming food that is fresh through the earth and bursting with life.

Stephanie Ciner:

Steph is our loading Crew Chief, and has now already been with Harvest Local Foods since might 2012. Steph was raised in Mundys Corner, Pa, that is about 1-½ hours west of Pittsburgh. She enjoys biking, taking a trip, gardening, playing guitar, cooking/baking, and veganism.

When requested what she enjoys most about working at Harvest Local ingredients, she replied, “HLF is an enjoyable environment with great those who all share a passion for promoting regional agriculture.” Steph’s preferred vegetables tend to be leafy vegetables, and her final meal would contain: vegetable sushi, home made pizza pie from yard, and coconut milk ice cream.

Emily Finigan

Emily has been with Harvest Local ingredients since 2012, and works as a packer. Emily spent my youth in Center City Philadelphia, and enjoys design, gardening, cooking, workout and reading.

Whenever requested exactly what she enjoys many about working at Harvest town ingredients, she responded, “Everyone loves witnessing all of the new and breathtaking produce.” Emily’s preferred vegetables are onions, along with her last meal would contains: shrimp beverage, grilled octopus, eggplant pizza pie, chocolate mousse pie, and espresso.

Timothy Wotring

Timothy has-been with Harvest town Foods since 2012, and works as a packer. Timothy was raised in Cumberland, Maryland, and enjoys reading, coffee stores and discussions about current events.

When requested exactly what he enjoys many about employed by Harvest town Foods, he replied, “i really like the folks I assist, and I like realizing that HLF is conscience about in which our meals is created in addition to reasonable remedy for the farm workers.”

Jane Broadbent

Jane has-been with Harvest Local Foods since 2011, and works as a distribution motorist. Jane spent my youth in Emmitsburg, Maryland, and enjoys pottery, photography, walking, yoga, and gardening.

When requested exactly what she enjoys about doing work for Harvest town ingredients, she replied, “I like that we make meals and items offered to an array of men and women, while encouraging neighborhood farmers.” For her last meal, Jane desire a strawberry rhubarb pie with frozen dessert to fulfill her “wicked sweet-tooth”.

Paul Kelley

Paul was with Harvest town Foods since 2011, and is the Inventory Manager. Paul spent my youth in Havertown, Pa and enjoys photography, camping, astrology, farming and knitting.

When requested just what Paul enjoys most about Harvest town ingredients, he replied, “i love the thought of procuring foods from regional producers and encouraging healthy, reasonable food methods.” For their last dinner, Paul would really like, “something simple and good.”

Stephen Andrzejewski

Stephen is our newest addition who's serving as an advertising intern from Drexel University. Stephen features a good culinary background and is particularly a graduate from Culinary Institute of America.

Whenever requested what Stephen likes many about Harvest Local ingredients, he responded, “I adore every little thing HLF represents, from giving support to the district through lasting agriculture to supporting farmers. It cann’t get much better after that this!” For his last meal, Stephen wants, Soy-glazed flank steak, roasted-garlic mashed potatoes, and grilled asparagus.

Source: www.harvestlocalfoods.com
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