Grasslands beef

Unadulterated Purity:

Our grassfed cattle are raised without antibiotics, pesticides, bodily hormones, growth implants, pet by-products, or steroids.

Fat Content and Omega-3 efas:

The majority of beef consumed in the us these days is grain-fed, completed in feedlots. Grassfed beef is lower in fat and calories, and higher in essential vitamins such as beta-carotene and vitamin e antioxidant, than meat finished on grain. Studies have shown that grassfed meat can reduce levels of cholesterol. Additionally, grass-fed beef features 2-6 times more of the good fat called omega-3 efas. These crucial fats play a crucial role in a lot of for the body's vital methods. For more information on the nutritional qualities of grass-fed beef, go to and appearance at "The Nutritional advantages of Grass-fed Animal items."

Place to Roam:

Our cattle have never already been restricted to a feedlot, they spend their particular whole everyday lives grazing lawn pastures. Our cattle are picking a naturally-renewable resource: the grasses associated with Great Plains.

Quality meat does take time:

Dry-aging beef had been standard until about twenty years ago, whenever various other, quicker procedures took its destination. Even though it is a more high priced procedure, for years and years, in Europe, dry-aging has-been the standard of excellence for beef and game. This process produces extremely tender beef. Our dry-aged beef is hung for 14-21 days in a temperature and moisture controlled environment. The meat's enzymes break-down and tenderize the meat, offering it a signature taste. This time-consuming procedure offers our grassfed beef its special flavor and guarantees optimum tenderness.


Lasater Grasslands Beef is a tender product, though pain will vary based on how it's cooked. You simply will not manage to reduce it with a fork. Because our meat is leaner than corn-fed beef, treatment needs to be taken never to overcook it. Our briskets and roasts, since they don't have a lot of marbling, should be cooked at high temperatures to break along the weave regarding the beef. The farm has reached 6, 000 feet above sea level. We cook a 3-to-4 lb roast at 400 for half an hour at 300 for thirty minutes for medium. Lasater Grasslands Beef cooks around 50percent quicker than corn fed beef. If cooked to medium-well or well our meat will occasionally be tougher than general beef. Since these pets are raised within their environment and are also healthier, it is safe for eating LGB uncommon to medium rare.

Our Ground Beef:

All of your floor meat is 90percent lean and 10per cent fat. It's 100per cent meat. We do not add filler or liquid. Our surface beef is available in 1lb. plans (10 pound. minimum order). We in addition provide 1 pound bundles of 1/3 lbs pre-made patties (10 lb minimum order).

Our Steaks:

Our steaks are cut 1" thick. Because cattle of various weights are gathered at different occuring times of the year, our steaks will vary somewhat in proportions.

Our Roasts:

Our roasts average 2-4 pounds. each.
Our average 3-4 lbs each.

Our Sides of Beef:

Sides of meat range in weight from 160-190 lbs. The approximate description is 50per cent floor beef, 20% steaks, 20per cent roasts, 10% various other (brisket, quick ribs, stew animal meat, etc.)

Our 36-pound box:

The Family Sampler contains 14 lbs. of ground meat. Roughly 10 lbs. of steak that might consist of several of after cuts: Ribeye, New York, Top Sirloin, Sirloin Tip, and Round steak. Eventually, 12 pounds. of roasts and assorted other cuts like brief ribs, Brisket, and flank steak.
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