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Slip into Beijos Bar and Lounge and enjoy a tasty drink in a stylish environment. Our company is happy to feature a few standard Brazilian projects, including our trademark cocktail and a lot of preferred drink, “the Caipirinha.” With such a wide-array of advanced liquors, fine cognacs and niche martinis, there will be something for everyone!

Whether you prefer a completely elderly single malt scotch or an after-dinner journey of interface, you will end up amazed because of the collection, variety, and solution we present. Unwind and luxuriate in. Cheers!

Chicken breast, Garlic Sirloin and Sausage (2 pieces each)

Chicken breast, Garlic Sirloin and Filet with Bacon (2 pieces each)

Full bowl of House-Made Lobster Bisque

Antipasto Platter: Imported Cheeses, Charcuterie, Olives and Cornichon


Meat platters served with chimichurri sauce. Chicken readily available with or without bacon. All things served with basket of cheese breads.

*For club menu products and prices in NYC and nations, please contact the restaurant straight as products and rates can vary.

Beijos Bar/Lounge

Beijos club and lounge features weekly Happy hr deals, unique occasions and much more! Restrictions may use. Club opens up 1/2 hour before restaurant starting time whatsoever domestic areas.


  • Brazilian Cachaça, a Sugar Cane Spirit (like Leblon Cachaça)
  • Easy Syrup
  • Ice
  • 1 fresh lime

Mixing Instructions

Cut the fresh lime into eighths and put the bits of lime into a cup. Include 1 ounce of quick syrup above and break the pieces of lime with a pestle. Add the ice and 1.5 ounces of Cachaça. Shake vigorously. Cheers!!

*(1) in line with the Surgeon General, females must not take in alcoholic beverages during maternity due to the chance of beginning defects. (2) use of alcohol based drinks impairs your capability to drive a car or run machinery, and could cause health conditions.

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