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At Prather Ranch Meat business, we are a symbol of the complete hog—and the complete chicken,
the whole steer, the full total lamb. Through the outset, our goal was to offer top-notch, lasting, humanely raised meats meant for a whole-animal sales model. We think
it simply makes great company feeling. The nose-to-tail method lets our customers enjoy
the most enjoy the extraordinary measures the ranchers and farmers try raise creatures using maximum care.

Created by Doug Stonebreaker in 2003 to produce a fresh paradigm for meat manufacturing and product sales, Prather Ranch Meat business was an all-natural outgrowth of their parent business, Prather Ranch. Owned and operated because of the Rickert and Ralphs families, the ranch is an original closed-herd procedure that raises its own hay, breeds its own cattle and does its slaughter and processing. Prather Ranch had been instrumental in generating 1st natural official certification system for beef items, and had been one of the primary beef producers in order to become licensed Humane Raised and managed.

From farm to promote

In 1997, Prather Ranch became one of the primary small operators to offer meat at farmers areas. This direct-to-consumer method began at areas near the ranch in Siskiyou County after which headed south into Bay Area areas in San Francisco and Marin. Need for such good quality, well raised product steadily grew with Doug fundamentally assuming duty for all market aspects of business in 2002.

To allow each part of the company (ranching and attempting to sell) the have the focus and interest they deserved, Prather Ranch Meat business became an unbiased entity through the farm in 2003 with Doug on reins. Around that same time, the newly-renovated San Francisco Ferry Building wanted renters while the provide to open up a retail animal meat shop was soon up for grabs.

An actual shop in an actual building had been a large step (and risk) for a man used to dragging a freezer-trailer in one farmers market to another location. But Doug saw it in order to continue steadily to grow a distinctive business—one that may support additional little, sustainability-minded livestock programs by providing their customers a spot which was available each and every day. The PRMC shop in Ferry Building had been among the first to open up. It absolutely wasn’t fancy – but it ended up being a fantastic spot to get high quality meats and meat services and products from facilities and ranches that value the land and also the pets increased about it.

Partnerships and pulling it all collectively

One-year later on, PRMC had been designated a professional Humane beef shop–one of just two within the country–by Humane Farm Animal Care.

As well as cultivating partnerships with brand new ranchers, we began using fellow PRMC companion Mark Keller to produce delicious, top-flight, sustainably produced hot dogs, ham, bacon, sausages, jerky and good quality lard, all of these have become staples for Bay Area customers and restaurants. Presently we have been working to develop a farm task and Meat Share system that can help PRMC serve more clients through the entire Bay Area.

Source: prmeatco.com
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