Raw cow restaurant

So after travelling for more than half an hour searching for this spot, we finally found it, after likely to a restaurant, getting some internet and then checking Happy Cow again. The google maps place is INCORRECT, so avoid using that, use the chart on this internet site with no taxi motorist or anyone when you look at the area will actually understand where it really is or have heard from it. We wound up at Lemon Farm natural Store in addition they had never ever heard about it and did not know very well what raw meals ended up being.

You need to switch within road prior to the Romana Italian/Spanish restaurant and drop the road that appears like an alley without sidewalks, and turn appropriate when you see the green Rasayana sign and after that you will pass a guard and tell him for which youare going and you may see another sign up your right and a parking area as well as the retreat/cafe is in there.

We consumed slightly meals during the tiny Ariya natural meals cafe in MBK mall before this, the pad thai had been good there, but we had been perhaps not expecting such tasty and exquisite meals that we received from Rasayana.

We own a raw food info business and frequently bashful from raw meals restaurants as it's usually all nuts which is tasteless fatty and pricey, but we thought perhaps they would involve some tasty raw thai dishes we should take to.

We ordered a ton of stuff, therefore we got recommended of the cooking abilities and also have to express every thing was stunning along with excellent flavours of sweet, bad, and a tiny bit of salty and spicy with crunchy and creamy designs it had been actually enjoyable to eat.

We ordered:

Island Paradise fruit soup, which we had been expecting just like a smoothie with chunks of good fresh fruit in it, nonetheless it was savory aswell, not sure what greens they put in it nonetheless it was interesting.

Rasayana Salad, that was an excellent sized salad with countless vegetables plus some avocado and a spoonful of pate and sprouts, aided by the tahini dressing it was very nice and tasty.

Zucchini Fettucini & Red Sauce was the most enjoyable vegetable pasta I've ever had. I've had a TON of raw sundried tomato garlic marinara on zucchini and thought I would never again eat it. It was tangy and fresh and a little sweet and very tasty not like italian marinara at all.

Vegetable sandwich ended up being a surprise, like most useful parts of a sandwich minus the fatty nut bread and felt like a salad sandwich delicious dressings and extremely gratifying

Source: www.happycow.net
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