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By virtue of an Intensive administration system, the Cross Oaks Ranch provides an excellent opportunity for mature Tx Trophy Whitetail deer. Wildlife management includes year round necessary protein eating, extra meals plots, and habitat improvement. The farm uses strict management guidelines for creating an excellent deer herd and Trophy Whitetail deer, which makes the Cross Oaks Ranch a deer hunters' dream.

The Cross Oaks Ranch is found in the Tx Hill Country only outside Brady. This beautiful farm is 2490 miles online game fenced and is managed to produce Whitetail Bucks gross scoring 130-200+.

The Cross Oaks Ranch utilizes MLD Allows. This means we have our own deer tags and an extended season. Our Season starts around October 1 and runs through to the end of February. Gun or bow is permitted during the whole season.

All hunts could be custom made to match your needs. At the Cross Oaks Ranch, we've had over 90% repeat hunters within the last few years. Call us to learn more, available dates, a reference number, or even book a-hunt. Listed here are our current prices for our Tx Whitetail Hunts.

  • Whitetail Hunts
  • Buck Gross Rating
  • Price
  • Platinum
  • 180"-199"
  • , 000
  • Regular Fee is 0 on a daily basis per hunter for several comprehensive Guide, Lodging, and Meals/Drinks.
  • Trophy Whitetail Hunts include being able to simply take 1 doe.
  • All Hunts include to be able to just take a totally free Pig if seen during the search.

Scroll Down for more info on Each search!

Bronze Whitetail Search - $2, 000

  • 1 Buck (as much as 129 gross rating).
  • Day-to-day Fee is 0 a day per hunter. Has Guide, Lodging, Meals/Drinks.
  • Includes 1 free pig and 1 Whitetail Doe.

Silver Trophy Whitetail search - , 000

  • 1 Mature Buck (130-159 gross rating).

Gold Trophy Whitetail Hunt - , 000

  • 1 adult Buck (160-179 gross Score).

Platinum Trophy Whitetail Hunt - $8, 000

  • 1 adult Buck (180-199 gross rating).

Diamond Trophy Whitetail Search - , 000

  • 1 Mature Buck (200+ gross rating).

Doe/Meat Hunts- Fill the Freezer!

All inclusive bundle
  • 2 Meat creatures- Mix between Whitetail Can and Blackbuck will. $900
  • Comes With 1 Totally Free Wild Pig.
  • Everyday Fee is 0 just about every day per hunter. All Inclusive Guide, Lodging and Meals/Drinks.
  • Guides Choice on creatures to just take.
  • Whitetail Season works from around October 1 before end of February! Exotics All-year!

Add Ons

  • Non Hunting Guests - $175 per day
  • Extra Whitetail Doe - $350
  • Blackbuck Doe- $300
  • Axis Doe- $650
  • Extra Wild Pigs - $50
  • Dove search - $50 half day (When in period)
Source: www.crossoaksranch.com
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