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Meat Market Lubbock TX

Principal & Indiana St
Tx Tech
Animal & Food Sciences Bldg
Lubbock, TX 79409
(806) 742-2882

The best steaks I ever had. The blueberry floor sausage? Fantastic. And I truly don't anticipate that. Will surely be buying for delivery. Oh, yeah.

Its great to guide TTU Animal Science. Chicken strips happen great and fries ok. Wanted a milkshake before course plus it appeared like just one person knew making it despite the fact there clearly was 6 people behind the countertop. Not enough milk in it, option to thick, as well as the vanilla frozen dessert ended up being typical.

COWamongus is the better campus dinning at Texas Tech. But it also opens up on public therefore deff always come visit! It really is located in the Animal and Food Sciences building down the street through the United Spirit Arena. They focus on meat and dairy products (if you can't inform by their particular name) and also a tiny cafe for meal. This isn't your typical campus dinning. It really is an initiative of innovative partnership involving the Animal and Food Sciences division at Tx Tech plus one of its alumni. Due to the expertise of the Animal and Food Sciences, everything is made and processed in-house within the building. Perhaps the cool cow seats on cafe were made in-house. Just how awesome is the fact that?! I arrived at minimum once a week with co-workers once I struggled to obtain the university. I simply walk right here because the legislation college building is indeed near. However, the wind in LBK are crazy and so I also needed to drive several times. We as soon as got a parking pass right here and ended up being unsuccessful with disputing it. So parking are only a little challenging. They usually have various daily deals but the best is without question the Philly Cheesesteak. I have been to Philly and believe that is better still compared to those I had in Philadelphia. It really is that great! It comes down with a side of fries or tater tots and a drink. If you request though, they will substitute the fries/tater tots to a little salad. And I also constantly have the salad b/c it really is healthy and delicious! I have heard such about their particular ice cream but still wonder even today the reason why We never attempted it. Kicking myself today. There is also good quality meat alongside meats available. Price is constantly reasonable the best item you get. Among my coworkers regularly purchases meat from COWamongus and raves about any of it! I was also sluggish to prepare. Otherwise I'd deff have gotten one thing here. Now I do not live-in LBK any more, we however miss Cowamongus fondly and desire the college we currently work had something like this!

The options are restricted. Mainly simply sandwiches/burgers. The waffle fries were stale. Philly cheese steak was great. The beef utilized in it was high quality meat. Fries had been just extremely disappointing as I hardly ever eat fries. So when j do, I want to enjoy all of them. We were holdingn't great at all. Price had been typical. Not great worth, however very costly. Only a typical place.

I got a class right close to COWamongus and I constantly smell one thing tasty coming from this restaurant. Therefore, i got eventually to class very early to grab a breakfast burrito. I walk-in plus the huge man working there does not acknowledge myself or my friend even as we're looking forward to our requests to be taken. Another guy walks around the countertop, the guy working there obviously knows him and hits up a discussion. The man working says anything about "the grill no longer working" and just how "the fire went out." He eventually gets around to us and I also require two burritos. Before i could complete, he interrupts myself stating that they truly are completely from burritos which i cannot get any because grill is not working. I became simply appalled at how poor the client solution was at such an amazing college. This is simply not the very first time this same man is rude and quick with me and I will never be going back to this destination if he's indeed there.

Patty melt ftw! The foodstuff here is great. We particularly love the patty melt that is absolutely nothing lacking cheesey goodness! They likewise have natural animal meat available which will be reasonably priced. I bought 4 steaks for $20. Really the only damaging is they are merely one for meal!

This spot is quite cool. It is sort of difficult to get, the very best way should think about it as across through the United Spirit Arena. The building features cow statues facing it. Park regarding remaining side and walk in through the glassed-in atrium (no signage outside, there is a horse statue). The Raider Red Meat store is inside on left, the COWamongus could be the name associated with cafe the main store. There is 45 minute visitor parking in the front for the good deal. There was slightly cafe inside with pupils consuming here, but I happened to be here the beef! The Tech students raise unique animals and butcher all of them, plus they offer the beef here. Its reasonable priced based on the per pound price compared to United shops, and additionally they sometimes have specials. I experienced the Tailgate Special, which for $60 was included with 10 lbs ground beef, 16 sirloin steaks, 2 huge plans of sausage, and lamb kabobs. They also have chicken and goat beef on the market, aged steaks, blueberry sausage, leg of lamb, lamb ribs, flank steak, ribeyes, brisket, brand new yokr strip, ham, roasts, prime rib, tenderloins, etc. all packaged and frozen. In addition some pre-cooked things and beef jerky. Obtained a FaceBook page and a website as you are able to check for product sales. IMPROVE: I've been back and tried the homemade frozen dessert in addition to turkey sandwich with chipotle mayo. Both were EXCEPTIONAL. The ice-cream is means better than that Sheridan's spot. Take to the Nice Cream flavor.

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