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Meat Market

Chosen One Meat $4.00

Range of One Meat w/One part $4.96

Chosen One Meat w/Two Sides $5.96

Taken Pork $8.99/lb

½ Rack of Ribs $8.99

½ Rack with 1 Side is $9.99 w/Two Sides is $10.99

Full Rack $15.99

Family dish for 4 $25.00 (taxation included)

Has 4 meats or full rack of ribs, 2 Hot Sides or 1 32 oz 7-Layer Salad and 4 fungus rolls.

Steak Day w/Two Sides is $10.99

Hot Deli Sides

8 oz $1.99; 16 oz $3.79; 32 oz $6.99

Green Beans, Cheesy and/or Scalloped Potatoes, Baked Beans, Jambalaya (that may additionally be supported as chosen meat)


Daily Hot-Deli Meat

Pork Steaks

Chicken Breasts


Pulled Pork

Bratwurst - 2 per order (Flavor Changes)


Everyday Cold Sides

7-layer salad $5.99/lb

Vinegar Cole-slaw $4.99/lb

Broccoli/Cranberry/Walnut Salad $5.99/lb

Traditional Pasta Salad $5.99/lb

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