Rose Acre s Arizona egg farm

Eggs Farms in Texas

Girls get to eat whatever they like from pastures, but we offer a well-balanced supplemental feed to be sure they have the nutrients they need to continue to be healthy.

With area to wander, our girls reach be on their own! Normal habits like socializing reduce anxiety and have them pleased.

No 2 days are identical from the pastures, so our women enjoy a combined diet of lawn and foraged goodies that modification because of the seasons.

Roaming is dehydrated work, so we ensure there’s always lots of fresh water readily available.

Birds are obviously cautious and wondering, so tree address offers both a safe escape from exploring and cool shade on hotter days. (Plus, tree roots are a magnet for insects!)

Sunshine and fresh air are as good for the women as it's for your needs and I also. And it also assists improve the supplement D content of their eggs.

Sustainable farming implies dealing with the land with respect also, so our pastures are pesticide- and herbicide-free (and naturally ‘fertilized!)

PASTURE-RAISED hens enjoy no less than 108 square feet per bird to roam no-cost.

They forage lawn, can get outside every time they like, and so are NEVER given antibiotics!

FREE-RANGE HENS hardly ever go outside not as much as 2 square feet per hen

antibiotics allowed, diet solely of corn/soy

CAGE-FREE HENS confined to a barn about 1 sq ft per hen

CAGED HENS (newer regs.) confined to tiny cages lower than 110 square ins per hen

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