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Today marks the termination of Eid ul-Adha, a four-day Muslim getaway. It really is one of the two Eids in a Muslim calendar. Festivities in this Eid start after the completion of Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Due to the event, oahu is the busiest time of the year for an unlikely business - a North Texas butcher shop.

NPR's Shomial Ahmad visited the store. Today, a caution: Some audience may find portions of this report distressing.

SHOMIAL AHMAD: Fifty years ago, J.B. Hamilton(ph) started a butcher shop in Weatherford, Texas, a town 30 miles west of Fort Worth. It's a town recognized for its ranches and peaches, not its mosque. One day, a retired Pakistani colonel wandered into the store to buy some beef.

Mr. BILL HAMILTON (J.B. Hamilton's Son): And he asked if it had been Halal. Therefore we had no idea what he had been talking about.

AHMAD: Which Is JB's boy Bill. He's 66 years of age today has Hamilton Wholesale Meats.

Mr. HAMILTON: So he explained the ritual and then we got him two goats.

AHMAD: it absolutely was only two goats then. Which week, 28 years later, the store forfeited over 2, 000. The Hamiltons discovered to prepare Halal animal meat for his or her Muslim clients. This calls for a prayer and a humane method of killing an animal.

On this holiday, Muslims celebrate Abraham's commitment to Jesus. Once the Koranic tale goes, it is when Jesus commanded Abraham to lose Ishmael. During the last-minute, Jesus changed Ishmael with a ram. The like this holiday, Muslims honor that faithful time by losing an animal inside title of Jesus. The day begins with friends prayer then the parties started. Nigat Koreshi(ph) is regarded as Hamilton's consumers.

Ms. NIGAT KORESHI: about this Eid, it is all meat. You invite men and women, you cook fresh meat, you consume. In the event that you check-out people's home, obtained prepared fresh beef, therefore eat. Then from then on, you're fed up with beef. There is such beef.

AHMAD: Koreshi spent my youth in Pakistan and she recalls the rituals before the holiday. She tied balloons round the goat's horns after which coated communications from the goat's fur. When she relocated to Tx in the '70s, she also Muslim parents desired to continue that custom for their kids.

KIRESHI: And Hamilton, he consented to lose some goats. So we all - after performing our Eid prayer - would rush to him. And then he has actually bought goats.

AHMAD: after that, many Muslims check-out Hamilton. The store solutions nearly all of this 32 cultural grocery stores when you look at the North Tx area.

(Soundbite of phone ringing)

AHMAD: whilst phone rings continuously, Hamilton jots along the instructions in a structure book labeled Eids. Ashrah's(ph) 20 male goats; Al-Amgir(ph), beef, Angus; Mrs. Han(ph), 10 lambs; Akbar(ph), a fat calf; Sayyed(ph), 500 pounds meat. There's such a high need for Halal beef that Hamilton hires a guy fulltime to bless the animals before slaughter. His name is Shams Hadin Abdul Sabur(ph). And then he's the just staff member at Hamilton meat with a beard.

One after another, an animal is lead to the kill floor.

AHMAD: Abdul Sabur wears a slick yellowish apron and a white prayer top. The animal is directed eastern, towards Mecca. With an eight-inch blade, he tends to make one demise piece into the pet's neck.

(Soundbite of butchered pet)

AHMAD: into the title of God, he states. Jesus is very good.

The bloodstream gushes out onto the concrete flooring. Upcoming, the animal is dehorned, dehooved, skinned and gutted. When Abdul Sabur's arms get cool, he works tepid water over all of them. When he requires a break, he studies from their blood-stained Koran that sits on a riser in the kill flooring. As he gets unfortunate from the killing, he claims (speaking in foreign-language) may Allah forgive him.

Mr. SHAMS HADIN ABDUL SABUR (Halal Butcher, Hamilton Meat): Because often whenever I'm walking towards that animal, i'm like i am the angel of demise, you understand? So numerous thoughts visited your thoughts if you are planning explain that. You are feeling compassion, as well it certainly makes you more aware of the human being in addition.

AHMAD: Abdul Sabur takes his work seriously. Inside the terms, he's employed by God. During the last eight many years, he's guaranteed that Hamilton's Muslim clients are becoming pure Halal. Halal now makes up over 50 percent regarding the business. Hamilton's boy, David, thinks Tx Muslims are getting to be more watchful.

Mr. DAVID HAMILTON: for some time, it appears as though, you know, individuals (unintelligible) tend to be just starting to move away from their particular religion and stuff. I caught those hateful pounds consuming cheeseburgers and things from McDonald's. And it also appears like they genuinely have tightened up. And folks, you know, really love purchasing Halal products.

AHMAD: The demand for Halal meat features shot up a great deal that a conventional supermarket carries the animal meat. A couple of years ago, the Texas legislature even passed a consumer safety measure. It means that Halal-labeled beef follows the Islamic demands.

Bill Hamilton will retire the following year. In which he claims he'll have their sons take-over the store. His boy, David Hamilton, has several thoughts on how to increase the Halal beef business.

Mr. D. HAMILTON: And we make a lot of Halal beef jerky and some tend to be sausage and things like that. They love it. It is tough to allow them to get. And beef bacon and stuff like that, you know? In addition they want it actually, very hard. That's (unintelligible).

AHMAD: David Hamilton learned to that way difference. Sometimes, after a tough day's work, he takes their partner and children to at least one of his favorite Pakistani restaurants. They love the Biryani, the spicy rice dish.

Shomial Ahmad, NPR News.

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