Leona Ranch Brackettville Texas

The house inside Leona Ranch, Kinney County, Tx, is subject to the covenants hereby created by the creator, (Seller), to-wit:
1. That these covenants are to operate aided by the land and shall be binding in the Purchaser and all sorts of individuals saying under him. Purchaser realizes that these restrictions and covenants are filed inside genuine Property registers of Kinney County, Tx.
2.Hunting of types for many online game or any other animals, whether on foot or by vehicle, is forbidden on or from roads in Leona Ranch. Your above residential property herein shall not be employed for commercial or time rent hunting nor any manufacturing purposes.
3. That no automobile, vehicle, trailer, or other automobile shall be abandoned on this residential property, nor shall there be any dumping or inserting of ugly things of any kind in the home.
4. That no structure of any kind (including hunting blinds and/or deer feeders) will be permitted within 200 legs of every roadway easement or any property range.
5. No noxious or offensive activity will probably be continued upon any area nor shall such a thing be performed thereon which may be or become an annoyance or nuisance to virtually any adjoining area. No area shall be maintained or employed in such a manner regarding violate any relevant statute, regulation or regulation of the united states, the State of Tx, the County of Kinney, if relevant, or just about any other governmental company having jurisdiction thereof.
6. Only one residence shall be permitted on any system. No communal residences shall be permitted.
7. That no commercial swine procedure shall be permitted.
8. PURCHASER agrees not to ever block the flow of liquid in and present water outlines, tanks, or troughs which are on their residential property and grants ingress and egress to persons who need to keep up said improvements and wells which furnish liquid toward lines, tanks or troughs. Only those Purchasers which own an interest in a preexisting really shall have the to make use of water off said well. Seller will not provide liquid to any existing water troughs or tanks.
9. That no region are subdivided without having the express written permission for the SELLER. This limitation won't stop the Tx Veteran's Land Board (TVLB) from deeding a tract to a veteran for the intended purpose of property web site.
10. No deviation of any kind will be allowed because of these limitations unless permission is provided in writing by the

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