The ranch has 13,500 acres of

Canyon Ranch Texas

The property when you look at the Pinon Canyon Ranch, as taped in the plat records of Edwards County, Tx, is subject to the covenants hereby created by the creator, (Seller), to-wit:
1. That these covenants tend to be to perform with the land and will probably be binding on Purchaser and all persons saying under him. Purchaser understands that these constraints and covenants tend to be recorded within the genuine Property registers of Edwards County, Tx.
2. Searching of most sorts for many online game or other pets, whether by foot or by car, is prohibited on or from roadways in Pinon Canyon Ranch. That above home herein shall not be utilized for commercial or time rent hunting nor any production reasons. There is certainly a grazing lease with this home. Purchaser understands that livestock is present on their land which sourced elements of liquid on his land that existed if the property ended up being purchased can be used for said livestock. Purchaser doesn't have responsibility to carry on this lease and might terminate the rent on their home by building fencing that fits local requirements and it is sufficient to help keep Lessee's livestock off his home then giving Lessee thirty days advance observe that he desires never to participate in the rent. If Purchaser really wants to remove or change any existing fences on their home Lessee will probably be notified ahead of time in order to maintain control of the livestock.
3. That no car, truck, truck, or any other vehicle will be abandoned on this property, nor shall there be any dumping or inserting of unattractive items of any kind on property.
4. That no framework of any sort (including hunting blinds and/or deer feeders) will probably be permitted within 100 foot of any residential property line.
5. No noxious or offensive task shall be continued upon any system nor shall anything be achieved thereon which can be or be an annoyance or annoyance to your adjoining system. No system will be maintained or found in these types of a way on break any appropriate statute, regulation or regulation of united states, the State of Texas, the County of Edwards, if appropriate, or just about any other governmental agency having jurisdiction thereof.
6. Discharge of sewage from an RV, house or cabin on your home is purely restricted and unlawful unless it really is discharged into a permitted septic system (On Site Sewage center - OSSF) put in by an authorized installer.
7. Not more than one residence shall be allowed on any area. No communal residences will be allowed.
8. That no commercial swine procedure will probably be permitted.
9. PURCHASER agrees not to block up the flow of water in and existing liquid outlines, tanks, or troughs which are on their residential property and funds ingress and egress to people who need to keep stated improvements and wells which furnish liquid into the outlines, tanks or troughs. Only those customers just who have a pastime in a preexisting well shall have the right to make use of liquid from said really unless liquid use is issued because of the people who own the well. Seller won't provide water to your current liquid troughs or tanks.
10. That no tract might subdivided without having the express written consent of SELLER. This constraint won't stop the Tx Veteran's Land Board (TVLB) from deeding a tract to a veteran for the true purpose of a house web site.

11. PURCHASER hereby authorizes SELLER and/or Assigns to charge each house owner an upkeep cost of $1.00 per acre, annually, to not ever exceed $300.00 to enhance and keep entrances, roadways, community wells, liquid lines, storage tanks and any other maintenance deemed necessary because of the SELLER and/or Assigns inside Pinon Canyon Ranch Subdivision. Those tracts of land which front solely on circumstances or county managed roadway will likely be recharged a maintenance cost of $.50 per acre, per year, to not ever meet or exceed $150.00. Such fee shall never be assessed against SELLER and/or Assigns. Such fee shall be produced by direct billing towards the property owner. If PURCHASER refuses to make stated payments, PURCHASER hereby authorizes SELLER, at SELLER's choice, to subtract these types of fee from payments created by PURCHASER, and any such charge so deducted won't be credited toward payment on bce because of regarding the purchase price, major or interest. It is grasped and agreed that this road maintenance fee (if not paid within 60 times of billing time) shall become a lien contrary to the system becoming communicated, allowing SELLER and/or Assigns these types of rights to enforce said liens as is set forth in Sec. 51.002 regarding the Texas Property Code, as amended time for you to time.
12. That at such time as SELLER may determine at his only discretion, owner shall have the expert not the obligation to notify each tract owner of that time period, time, and someplace of a gathering of all region owners to be held for the true purpose of organizing a Property Owner's Association. Most the votes of this region proprietors in attendance at these types of group meetings or by written proxy will be enough to transact business at these types of conference. Each area owner, including SELLER, attending or represented by written proxy at these types of group meetings shall get one vote per system owned by these types of owner on all business to come before the meeting. Upon the creation and company of such organization, as non-profit company, or otherwise, SELLER shall transfer and assign into the association the existing stability associated with the roadway improvement and maintenance, if any. Thereafter these types of connection shall have the power, authority and obligation to steadfastly keep up the roadways associated with development and gather the street maintenance assessment. All these types of assessments upon any system in the development shall end up being the personal responsibility for the owners of these types of tract and these types of connection is hereby awarded a lien upon each lot to secure the repayments of these tests, permitting said association such liberties to enforce said liens as might established in Sec. 51.002 regarding the Texas Property Code, as amended time and energy to time. It really is understood that SELLER, or SELLER’S assigns, shall never be in charge of spending this assessment under any circumstances. In the case a lien is placed on property to secure the repayment of tests which property is repossessed or else used in SELLER it really is grasped that every such liens will likely to be circulated.
13. No deviation of any kind shall be permitted from these constraints unless permission is granted in writing by the SELLER.

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