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Organic Meat suppliers

The OBE natural group was established during the early 1990s by a far-sighted group of Australian pastoral people which are continuing century-old family members customs. Today, OBE Organic is a producer of healthy and great-tasting grass-fed organic beef.

Directed by history and driven by purity, OBE natural provides old-world quality with perfect safe practices standards. Pure and simple.

The Best Quality Guidelines Viable

Something that establishes it self and becomes popular all over the world, has to have some thing unique about it, that really matters to consumers. For OBE Organic, that some thing is our strict adherence towards the best quality requirements for the organic grass-fed beef items.

Trusted worldwide

Since our first product launched, within the 1990s, we now have seen an evergrowing demand for natural grass-fed beef. We've, as time passes, increased the sheer number of export markets, where our products are readily available. Progressively individuals are making the alteration to ingesting OBE organic grass fed beef. These are generally making quality and protection their number 1 concern, when buying food for people.

Our business brand name

The OBE Organic brand is well known and respected globally as a most honest provider of natural grass fed meat. Our brand is well known from as far as New York in the united states, to components of the center East, and Asia not to mention, below yourself in Australian Continent.

The delivery cool string

We maintain a fantastic cold sequence that delivers our organic grass fed beef to spots all over the world. At many things into the offer string, strict quality and security checks tend to be undertaken. They are demanded in nations such as the USA, while the United Arab Emirates, for meat brought in into those countries. The supply sequence includes cold-storage facilities & refrigerated automobiles, which make sure that our items remain refrigerated, from when they leave our handling website for their final location, whether locally or offshore. This ensures that OBE Organic grass-fed beef stays fresh entirely through the processing center to the stage of purchase and consumption. Stated in Australian Continent, our natural grass-fed beef packages are located stacked in fresh condition, in retailers all over the globe.

Impeccable certification

Besides participating in the many high quality & safety audits, which are required by governing bodies throughout the world, we voluntarily chosen become audited by many people of your clients. The Reason Why? We want to ensure the whole world that our organization’s products are the best and most special in the field.

Source: www.obeorganic.com
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