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Niman Ranch »

Niman Ranch (no shop locator; find their products or services at entire ingredients and little food markets) was a pioneer in lasting and humane animal agriculture. Today, their particular meat cattle are pasture-raised until the final less than six months of their resides, whenever they’re “finished” on corn (therefore they’re maybe not 100per cent grass-fed). Nearly all of Niman’s cattle are done regarding land these were raised on; the rest are sent to tiny- or medium-sized feedlots. Niman follows its own humane handling requirements; their particular meat offered at Whole ingredients is third-party licensed at GAP degree 4. Online buying is available.

Natural Prairie »

The farms that offer to Organic Prairie are primarily located in the Midwest, but store supply is all over the country (store locater right here). Animals are raised in accordance with the federal natural requirements, this means cattle tend to be pastured throughout the grazing season, even when they’re becoming “finished” on grain. Natural Prairie completes their particular cattle on corn and small grains over the last 90 days of these life; this takes place for a passing fancy farm where these were grazed. The company sells surface beef, hot dogs, meat summer sausage, and various steaks and roasts. Its associated with Organic Valley, and online ordering is available.

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With the celebrated farmer Will Harris on helm, White Oak Pastures (Southeast) increases 100% grass-fed beef also meats on the Georgia land. Their meat are found anyway Publix supermarkets and lots of Whole meals markets when you look at the East, Midwest, and Southeast. Here is a store locator; in addition they offer beef online, including their pork and lamb, which aren’t offered in stores. More on their particular pet benefit policies right here.

Belcampo Meat Co. (California) raises creatures near Mt. Shasta and works restaurants and butcher shops in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, and Larkspur. The organization increases grass-fed meat and other meat animals. Their particular on-site processing facility is humane certified by Animal Welfare Approved. There are seasonal opportunities to shop on the web.

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Applegate »

Applegate (store locator right here) buys meat from almost 1, 000 facilities and mainly sells deli animal meat, hot puppies, and frozen items. Their animal meat is often natural or natural — the pets are raised differently under those two groups. Natural birds and turkeys get accessibility the outdoors throughout the day, much like the free-range model; natural turkeys and birds remain indoors in areas that enable all of them to forage and perch. Applegate chicken items consist of organic chicken hot dogs, deli turkey breast and chicken, natural and organic turkey bacon, natural turkey hamburgers, natural chicken & turkey sausages, and natural frozen chicken services and products. Online ordering is present.

Bell & Evans »

Bell & Evans (store locator only at top of web page) sells both organic and main-stream chicken. This write-up only identifies their natural line. The organic birds and turkeys, all raised in Pennsylvania, are free-range, indicating the wild birds get access to grassy outdoor places, weather permitting. Indoors, they’re held in sunlit facilities on lumber shavings, and offered straw bales, balls, buckets, alongside enrichments to interact with. Most of Bell & Evans’ operations are humane qualified at GAP degree 2. In addition, Bell & Evans processes its chicken making use of Slow Induction Anesthesia, indicating the wild birds are rendered involuntary with CO2 before becoming killed.

Coleman Organic »

Coleman natural (store supply right here) is an unit of Perdue in addition to biggest licensed organic chicken producer in the country. You might see Coleman All-natural in stores, but this write-up just is the organic range, while the normal range employs more mainstream ways of increasing birds. Coleman natural chickens are raised in accordance with the federal organic requirements, this means the birds tend to be let outside for section of each day, weather permitting. Facilities provide sun shades to ease the transition from interior to on, rendering it more likely the birds will choose to move to the outdoor places, that are component dirt, part pasture. Within the barns, space allotment is 1 square foot per bird, just somewhat greater than the industry average. Perches are provided, as well as barrels and boxes in which the chickens can retreat.

Belcampo Coleman Organic

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