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Historic Reissue
The Belmont Vibrato is a reproduction for the single-pickup, poppy-red, vibrato bar-equipped, fiberglass Supro electric guitar that was manufactured in Chicago during the very early 1960s.

The Belmont Vibrato reissue mates a chambered human anatomy with a newly created, composite “Acousti-glass” top. This updated construction preserves the instrument’s signature looks and eternal noise while enhancing its semi-hollow acoustic resonance and tuning stability.

The Belmont Vibrato’s vintage-correct tuners, vibrato tailpiece and adjustable rosewood connection are joined by a devoted replica regarding the renowned Vistatone pickup to carry you a totally recognized and worthwhile reissue for this classic Supro electric guitar.

Vistatone Pickup
The Vistatone pickup based in the Supro Belmont is a reproduction regarding the groundbreaking, single-coil design developed for Valco by Ralph Keller in the early 1950s. The Vistatone pickup is cited as prior art in Seth Lover’s PAF patent and is found in many of the most desirable classic Supro models.

Legendary Sound
The Supro Belmont has a power tone this is certainly pure 1960’s rock ‘n’ roll, with a hostile mid-range sound that doesn't seem like just about any tool.
Our semi-hollow recipe of an Acousti-glass top and semi-hollow human anatomy retains the initial sonic attributes for the initial reso-glass models while supplying today’s artists with a lightweight, highly playable instrument that remains in track and is an easy task to keep.

Vintage Supro human body design
Poppy Red finish
Re-designed two-bolt neck joint
Vintage-correct Vistatone pickup
50’s-wiring amount and tone settings
Rosewood connection
Vibrato tailpiece

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